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Thursday, May 23

23rd May - US Open

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Roundups & Commentary
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The Eurozone's FTT plan is vicious, unfair and counter-productiveTradingFloor
Lars Seier Christensen: The idea of transaction taxes is credited to the economist James Tobin, who first suggested a currency transaction tax in the 1970s. But even Tobin renounced the theory as unfeasible later in his career, a fact rarely mentioned in the debate today.

European PMI data bad, but not enough for actionTradingFloor
The May European PMIs are still contractionary, but periphery shows modest signs of stabilisation. The real trouble is the rift between the core countries.

Central bankers everywhere after Bernanke warningMacroScope / Reuters
It’s raining central bankers today which is well-timed after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke dropped the bombshell that the Fed could take the decision to begin throttling back its money-printing programme at one of its next few policy meetings.

Japan’s mini crash: Blame China, not just Benalphaville / FT

Is Bank of Japan already failing?Nordea