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Tuesday, May 7

7th May - EU Open

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3 Numbers to Watch: FR Ind. Pro., DE Ind. Orders, US Crude SupplyTradingFloor
March updates on industrial production for France and new factory orders for Germany will drive the day’s Eurozone economic news while escalating tensions in the Middle East will draw attention to today’s crude oil inventory report.

Market Preview: German factory orders data eyedTradingFloor
European markets are likely to open mostly lower Tuesday. Investors are keeping a tab on German factory orders data due later today which is expected to show a decline in March.

Danske DailyDanske Bank (pdf)
 S&P500 hit another all-time high. The US stock market is boosted by growth optimism and easy US monetary policy. ECB chief Mario Draghi said the ECB could ease monetary policy if incoming data
showed a softening European economy. Increased tensions between Syria and Israel push up oil prices.

Aamukatsaus Nordea
Euroalueen taantuma hidastumassa * Australian keskuspankilta tukea taloudelle * Draghin puheet uusista toimista painoivat euroa

AamukatsausTapiola (pdf)

Osakemarkkinat polkivat eilen paikallaan perjantain voimakkaan kurssinousun jälkeen. Nikkei meni yli 14.000 pisteen Japanin keskuspankin rahanpainamisen siivittämänä. EKP:n Draghi kommentoi keskuspankin olevan valmis uusiin  koronlaskuihin, jos taloudellinen tilanne niin vaatii. Osakefutuurit  plussalla, ennakoiden nousuavausta OMX HEX:iin. 1Q13-tuloksia: Ilkka, Aktia, Finnlines, HKScan, Marimekko, Raisio, SRV, Yleiselektroniikka. Metsä Board 1Q13 tulos klo 12.00.

I’ll say it again…MacroScope / Reuters
Draghi felt it necessary yesterday to depart from the script at a ceremony awarding an honorary degree to reiterate his message from last Thursday – that the ECB could cut interest rates again and was looking at pushing the deposit rate which it charges banks for holding their funds overnight into negative territory in an attempt to get them to lend again.

Crisis and non-reformFistful of Euros
It’s useful to look at three related but distinct perspectives on why peripheral Europe is in economic crisis. The three perspectives come from the three members of the Troika, so you’d think they’d capture a consensus about why the Troika has to do what it does. And yet.

Rapid current-account rebalancing in the southern
Recent data show that the current-account deficits of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal have improved at a rapid pace and are actually close to being balanced. This column reviews recent research that shows this adjustment has been remarkably fast. Compared to mid-2008, these four nations have switched expenditures at a rate that is much higher than the typical rate observed during large rebalancing episodes. A key requirement for a return to a post-crisis Eurozone is thus on its way to being met.

Policy battle rages in China as slowdown feeds 'sense of crisis'The Telegraph
Anti-reform hardliners in China's Communist Party have become seriously alarmed by the sharp slow-down in economic growth, creating a "task-force" to crank up production.

Current account imbalances since the crisisalphaville / FT
from a recent Barclays report on global trade.

Kansantalouden tuotanto laski helmikuussa 2013Tilastokeskus
Rahoitusmarkkinat – TilastokatsausSuomen Pankki

Logiikkaa aloittelijoilleHenri Myllyniemi / US Puheenvuoro

Mistä tunnet sä deflaation?Henri Myllyniemi / US Puheenvuoro