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Monday, May 6

6th May - EU Open

I updated the weekender linkfest on Sunday. Plenty of material, you might want to check it. Going to be dull week, but Tuesday might provide some European headlines (Rehn, Djisselbloem and a conference).

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News roundup – Between The Hedges
The 6am Cut London – alphaville / FT
Emerging Markets Headlines – beyondbrics / FT
Asia Morning MoneyBeat: Hong Kong Braces for Giant IPOs – WSJ
Europe Morning MoneyBeat – WSJ

3 Numbers to Watch: EU Sentix, EU Retail Sales, US Employ. TrendTradingFloor
Sentix updates its investor confidence index for Europe today, followed by Eurostat’s March report on EU retail sales. Later, the Conference Board publishes its US Employment Trends Index for April.

Market Preview: – TradingFloor

Danske DailyDanske Bank (pdf)
Stronger-than-expected US labour market data boost confidence in the global recovery and global stock markets rise. Prime Minister Razak won the Malaysian elections. Local markets rally on the news.
Oil prices rise on growth optimism and increased geo-political concerns

USA:n työllisyys jatkanut vahvassa kasvussa * Kotimainen kysyntä heikkoa euroalueella * USA:n vahvat työllisyysluvut nostivat raaka-aineiden hintoja

Aamukatsaus Tapiola (pdf)
USA:n perjantain vahva työmarkkinaraportti nostatti DAX:n uuteen ennätykseen ja S&P 500 –indeksin yli 1 600 pisteen tason. Tuloskauden viimeinen vilkas viikko Helsingin pörssissä. Stonesoftista julkinen ostotarjous 128% preemiolla perjantain päätöskurssiin. Osakefutuurit  nollassa, ennakoiden tasaista avausta OMX HEX:iin. 1Q13-tuloksia: Sponda, Etteplan. Tänään Ilkka klo 14.


German euro founder calls for 'catastrophic' currency to be broken upThe Telegraph
Oskar Lafontaine, the German finance minister who launched the euro, has called for a break-up of the single currency to let southern Europe recover, warning that the current course is "leading to disaster".

Chief Economist’s Corner: We’re still stuck in the swampNordea (pdf)
Europe will have to pull itself out of the swap by its hair. That was the opening salvo from Werner Hoyer, the German president of the European Investment Bank, at an international financial conference which I attended last week in Luxembourg.

George Osborne’s Fear of GhostsKrugman / NYT

Visualizing The Triumph Of Hope Over RealityZH
Charts of SPX, gold, CB balance sheets.x

BoJ Asset Purchases: Is Japan Sowing Seeds of Next Asset Bubble?CFA Institute
The quantitative easing recently announced by the Bank of Japan may benefit investors who hold Japanese equities, but Ron Rimkus, CFA, sees the classic makings of one big investment bubble.

Feedback loopsmpettis

China Services PMI Slows to Marginal Rate of GrowthMish’s

FX Comment: follow down?Nordea
A lean data week ahead. With soft FOMC and ECB messages last week, will other central banks follow suit?

By Jove, He’s Got It: Krugman (Finally) Adopts MMT (And so does Summers)EconoMonitor