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Monday, November 11

11th Nov - Quiet start for an easy week

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Euro Zone’s Fizzling Growth Seen to Back Draghi Cut CaseBB

Europe, a Story of Good Deflation and BadWSJ

Deflation: Just how worried should we be? TradingFloor
As inflation in the eurozone is at its lowest level in four years, investors are worrying about deflation. Saxo Bank's Nick Beecroft says the issue is serious and reminds him of the Bank of Japan’s failure to take bold action in the 1990’s.

Can and Should the Eurozone Survive? [Video] – LSE
Without further steps - closer economic integration and a banking union - the single currency will be at risk and the eurozone divided between northern creditors and southern debtors. And there are fresh signs that at the very least Greece, and possibly Ireland and Portugal, may need further rescue funds. But a break-up would be the worst option for all, including Germany.

ECB must act to prevent euro aping strong yenFT
If ECB does not act, the euro risks resembling the yen of the 1990s and 2000s, says Mansoor Mohi-uddin, managing director of foreign exchange strategy at UBS.

What to Expect From Bank of England ForecastsWSJ
The BoE’s quarterly inflation report next Wednesday.

Spanish Banks' Extend-And-Pretend "Bad Debt Miracle" RevealedZH

The view from Germanymainly macro

Europe’s Macro Muddle (Wonkish)Krugman / NYT

Exclusive: German parties reach deal on banking union – sourcesReuters
United on banking union?MacroScope / Reuters

Turning Germany’s surplus into a win-win for the eurozoneOlli Rehn

Rehn siding with Washington in its battle with Berlin?Brussels blog / FT

Blame Germany, for Frankfurt?The Economist

The Dummies' Guide To What The Jobs Report Really MeansZH

Bridgewater: "We're Worried That There's No Gas Left In The QE Tank"ZH

Low inflation creating a QE trapSober Look
No rush to exit QE as inflation is low, so it will continue so long that exiting will be difficult.

Economists React: Better China Data May Open Door for ReformWSJ
As Communist Party leaders gathered to map out the direction of China’s economic policy in the next decade, data released over the weekend painted a picture of steady growth in the world’s second-largest economy.

The Third Plenum: What the Markets Are WatchingWSJ

China to unveil 10-year reform plan, expectations toned downReuters

Five questions facing FX this week TradingFloor
We had a good dose of volatility last week, particularly on the surprise ECB rate cut decision. Today, we select five developments from among the G10 currencies to keep on the trading radar as the week develops.

Goldman's Five Things To Watch As Currency Wars ReturnZH

Global Economy: Surprise tactics sweep central bankingReuters
After slashing interest rates to almost nothing and printing trillions of dollars, central banks are becoming increasingly reliant on another policy weapon: sucker punching markets.

The Month that was: October ’2013RCS
This report concisely summarizes the important macro events that occurred in October

Salaperäinen alfaSK
Helsingin Ruoholahdessa pelataan riskipeliä suomalaisten eläkerahoilla.

Tässä tulevat terveyden hyvikset ja pahiksetTalouselämä
Hoiva- ja terveysyhtiöt ovat kehnoja veronmaksajia, kertovat Talouselämän verohallinnolta keräämät tiedot. Monet yritykset kannattavat huonosti, joten pienet maksuun pannut verot ovat vain luonnollisia.

Jutta Urpilaisen viimeinen taistoTalouselämä

Pääkirjoitus: Suomea vetävät vahvat virtauksetHS

Professori: Kehitysavun vaikutuksia ei tiedetäYLE
Jyväskylän yliopiston kansainvälisen kehitystyön professori Jeremy Gould sanoo, että kehitysavun pitkän aikavälin vaikutuksista ei ole tutkimustietoa. Suomi käyttää vuodessa runsaat 1,1 miljardia euroa kehitysyhteistyöhön.

Deflaatio – parempi kuin inflaatio?Talouden Tulkki

Sekä oikeisto- että vasemmistopuolueet Suomessa käyvät sotaa pienituloisia vastaanTyhmyri