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Sunday, November 3

3rd Nov - Weekend links

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Brussels blog round upEuropp / LSE
The Commission’s ‘yellow card’, the cost of austerity, and is it legitimate to ban extremist parties?

Statistics Show Bailout Countries’ Slide Away from EU TargetsWSJ
Euro-zone countries in bailout programs have slipped away from the European Union’s targets for economic and social performance, a number of detailed statistical indicators show.

Breaking News: High European Unemployment Is Due to RecessionWSJ
The report could add momentum to recent attempts to change the method the commission, the European Union’s executive arm, uses to calculate countries’ long-term, “natural” unemployment rate. If adopted, it could take pressure off crisis-hit states like Spain or Ireland to implement steep budget cuts and other austerity measures.

EU must unite against sceptics and populists, says Italian prime ministerThe Guardian
Enrico Letta fears next year's European elections will lead to 'most anti-European parliament in history'

Banks Point to ECB Rate Cut Next WeekWSJ

Pressure Grows on ECB To ‘Do Something’WSJ

Charlemagne: Fawlty EuropeThe Economist

Germany's TurnTwenty Cent

The Harm Germany DoesKrugman / NYT

More Notes On GermanyKrugman / NYT

A Fiscal Scold, Merkel Softens Tone at HomeNYT

Defending GermanyKrugman / NYT

France 1930, Germany 2013Krugman / NYT

German Surpluses: This Time Is DifferentKrugman / NYT

Fed’s Lacker Admits Inflation Fears Proved UnfoundedWSJ
One of the Fed's biggest inflation fighters confessed Friday he's been caught off guard when he sees how calm price pressures have been in the face of epic levels of central bank stimulus.

Will the Fed "Taper" in December?Calculated Risk
There are many key releases right at the beginning of December, and we know the Fed is "data dependent".  So here is what the FOMC would like to see to start tapering: 1) the unemployment rate fall to 7.2% in the November report, 2) Employment up about 2.2 million year-over-year in November, 3) inflation increasing toward 2% target, and 4) some sort of fiscal agreement by Dec 13th.  All possible.

  Markit PMI
Markit PMI shows "modest" manufacturing expansion in October – Calculated Risk
Prints At Lowest In One Year, Makes Mockery Of Chicago "Data" – ZH
PMI at one-year low, as output growth eases sharply – Markit

  ISM Manufacturing
Beats expectations, points to acceleration in manufacturing – TradingFloor
Rose 0.2% in October – dshort
Highest Since April 2011; "No Impact From Government Shutdown" – ZH
ISM Stronger Than Expected – Bespoke
ISM Manufacturing index increases in October to 56.4 – Calculated Risk
ISM Manufacturing Index Inches Higher For October – Capital Spectator

An interview with John Kay on Economics in the Real World Five Books
Most people completing degrees in economics won't have read these books, but they should, says the British economist.

Insight: Property hot spots renew easy-money bubble fearsReuters
From China to Canada and London, fast-rising property markets are haunting the global economy again, five years after the U.S. subprime mortgage bubble burst and triggered the worst financial crisis since the 1930s.

Keep the Economists off the Trading DeskThe Reformed Broker

Did nominal interest rates fail to spike during the run on the Franc?Noahpinion

A Code Red WorldThe Big Picture

Richard Thaler on Behavioral EconomicsConversable Economist

Blogs review: the comparative performance of fixed and flexible ER regimesBruegel

World-Wide Factory Activity, by CountryWSJ
Much of the world's factory sector was expanding in October, as manufacturers in the U.S. shrugged off a government shutdown and Asia rebounded.

The IMF Annual Research ConferenceIMF
Economics of Crises―Past Experiences and Present Travails

Fundamental review of the trading bookBIS
Fundamental review of the trading book newsRivast

Suomen suurpankit näyttävät vahvemmilta kuin ovat Jan Hurri / Talsa
EKP tarkastaa euromaiden suurimmat pankit – ja arvioinee vuoden kestävissä testeissään pankkien taseet pääosin riittävän vahvoiksi. Taloussanomien tarkastelu kertoo Suomen suurimmista pankeista jo nyt sen mitä EKP ei tohdi kertoa edes ensi syksynä: pankit eivät ole puoliksikaan niin vahvoja ja vakavaraisia kuin näyttävät olevan.

Murtunut miesSaloniemi

Suomen eläkejärjestelmän sopeutuminen eliniän pitenemiseenEläketurvakeskus

Movember – Asioita piilossa viiksien takanaRanneliike

Tutkimusta vai piilomainontaaMatti Viren / Tieteessä Tapahtuu