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Monday, November 4

4th Nov - Mon dieux Monday

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Eurozone: ‘Fear of the D-word’Handelsblatt / Presseurop

It’s all GreekMacroScope / Reuters
The EU/IMF/ECB troika is due to return to Athens to resume a review of Greece’s bailout after some sparring over budget measures.

Worry about the euro, not the EUFT
The union is not compatible with a single currency in the long run

No end to the euro crisis in sightFT
The scale of the required adjustment is enormous and the IMF does not believe it will happen

Europe’s Inflation ProblemKrugman / NYT

The ECB’s easing dilemmaFT
Given the overnight market rate is already as close as possible to the ECB’s zero rate corridor floor, it is the levels of market liquidity and forward rates that are likely to determine how easy eurozone monetary conditions are, including the euro’s exchange rate

On the Impotence of KarlsruheZH

The real problem with German macroeconomic policymainly macro

Blame Germany, or Frankfurt?The Economist

What’s wrong with Europe?
Unlike the US, Europe is struggling to recover from the crisis. This is especially the case in certain European countries. This column discusses why the process of convergence in the Eurozone has slowed down. It proposes a way for European institutions to cope with the structural problems – with individual country-level reforms and a federal budget. Otherwise, the alternative could be a disintegration of the Eurozone.

Debt crisis has left Germany vulnerableFT
Satyajit Das: Weakness in the periphery will affect German economic prospects

Money, Markets And Macro In 61 ChartsZH

Michael Woodford Warns "By Blinking [On Taper], [The Fed] Has Made A Negative Reaction More Likely"ZH

Dallas Fed’s Fisher Says U.S. Economy ‘Hog-Tied’ by GovernmentBB
Fed's Fisher says U.S. government bears blame for slow recoveryReuters
An ineffective, fractious and fiscally irresponsible government has slowed the U.S. recovery and counteracted the stimulative effects of Federal Reserve's super-accommodative monetary policy, a top Fed official said on Monday.

November Sentiment Summary - The Short Side of the Long

Event Risk: Down But Not OutZH

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...ZH

Dylan Grice: "There Is A Widespread Perception That Something Is Very Wrong"ZH

Ranskalaisprofessori: Ainoa mahdollisuus on antaa euron hajotaHS

Kuka pelkää luottoluokittajaa?TalSa
Luottoluokituksen menettäminen hirvittää päättäjiä. Moody'sin analyytikko valittelee, että luottoluokittajia käytetään myös politiikan välikappaleina.

EKP vesittää sijoittajavastuutaTalSa
Euroopan keskuspankin pääjohtaja Mario Draghi on valmis jatkamaan veronmaksajien kurittamista.

Tiedustelupaljastukset jatkuvat: Ruotsille erikoinen mainintaVerkkouutiset