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Thursday, September 11

10th Sep - New EU Commission

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Finland’s economy is heading for a ’perfect storm’ of economic problems which risk undermining growthEuropp / LSE

Can The European Central Bank Boost Euro Zone Economy?Alpha Now

EU top jobs: No power for no ambitionPresseurop
Redei: current leaders of EU member states are wary of filling top EU positions with high-profile political figures who could challenge their national interests in the name of a common European good.

Germany Openly Hostile To Putting Frenchman In Charge Of European Financial Affairs – ZH
Ansip Signs On as Juncker Reboots European Commission – WSJ

Scottish currency union, the unilateral Montenegro option – FT
Scotland and Sterling — whose currency is it anyway? – FT
BOE’s Carney on Possible Challenges of ‘Sterlingization’ – WSJ
Scottish Independence: Markets Focus on the Great Unknown – WSJ
Tricky questions for Scots lucky enough to have a vote – John Kay
Scotland De-Escalation: Stocks Jump As Latest Poll Reveals Majority "No" Vote – ZH

Daily MacroWSJ
Investors have started the autumn nervously. Market volatility has started to rise, particularly in the currency markets and especially with sterling amid opinion poll results that suggest a close outcome at next week’s Scottish independence referendum. Meanwhile, speculation is rising that the Federal Reserve will ratchet up the hawkish rhetoric, with the latest FOMC meeting coming next week.

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hannon’s Take: BOE Solves its Productivity Puzzle * Fed Endorses Giving Smaller Banks Reprieve From Dodd-Frank * BOJ Buys Government Debt at Negative Yield * BOE’s Carney Warns Scots Over Sterling * ECB To Share Partial Stress-Test Results With Banks

FX vol is back, say relieved FX analystsFT
Are the higher vols reflecting an overreaction to a small jump, after a period of slumped volumes and returns, or a real shift with further to go?

Great Graphic: Euro Historic and Implied VolatilityMarc to Market

Kimmo Sasi: Suomi ei saa revetä EU:n pakoterintamastaVerkkouutiset
Sasi kaipaa demareilta Paavo Lipposen ajan EU-politiikkaa.

RKP:n varapj pakkoruotsia vastustavasta kampanjasta: "Hävytöntä aivopesua"YLE

Teollisuuden uudet tilaukset +6,4 heinäkuussa YoY – Tilastokeskus
Teollisuustuotanto -2,6% heinäkuussa YoY – Tilastokeskus
Palkkasumma +1,1% touko-heinäk. YoY – Tilastokeskus