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Thursday, September 17

17th Sep - Fed did not hike

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Fed may delay a hike on recent market turmoil, USD lower ahead, rates higher on “risk on” * GBP looks strongest after wage data

Morning Markets TF
Finally, we'll find out if today is the day that the Fed hikes rates for the first time since 2006. Indications are that it won't, but this is a two-horse race and anything can happen.

Daily ShotTF
Later today we will here if the Fed will hike rates already now. Annual inflation is at 1.8% currently, but only at 0.9% excluding housing costs. Let´s see what today's decision will do to stock markets. As discussed earlier, Japanese shares look interesting at this point as foreigners have pulled out.

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Commission ready to move from mandatory to voluntary quotas * Juncker to sidestep grilling on Luxembourg’s sweetheart tax-deals for multinationals * ECB offers more transparency on emergency liquidity and Target 2

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
France to attack Syria — The Hungary Games — EU split on Russia media strategy

The Fed's Long Awaited Decision Day Arrives, And Chinese Stocks Wipe Out In The Last 15 Minutes

Frontrunning ZH

FX UpdateTF
The market is clearly looking for an unambiguously dovish Fed, judging from the weak USD and strong risk appetite environment of the moment. But will it get what it wants tonight or are the latest developments merely a positioning squeeze?

From the FloorTF
A last-minute burst of risk-on sentiment has equities, emerging markets and risky currencies dancing up a storm, but will the Federal Reserve shut down the party?

Kansainvälisessä taloudessa useita riskitekijöitä * Katseet Fedin korkokouksessa * USA:n inflaatio linjassa odotusten kanssa * Riksbankin kokouspöytäkirja ei yllättänyt

Fedin koronostopäätöksen riskitRoger Wessman