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Saturday, September 19

18th Feb - Lazy Friday


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Morning MoneyBeat AsiaWSJ
U.S. Stocks After the Fed Leaves Rates Alone

Morning MoneyBeat EuropeWSJ
Will Fed Inaction Force ECB Action?

Morning MoneyBeat USWSJ
This Sector Will Benefit From Fed’s Call to Stand Pat

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

Fed inaction weakens the USD and sends bond yields lower * We still expect the first Fed rate hike for December

Morning MarketsTF
EURUSD predictably rallied on the back of the Fed's extremely dovish statement in yesterday's much-anticipated FOMC meeting. With the rate hike wait prolonged and every prospect that this could extend into 2016, uncertainty is leaving markets close to a state of paralysis.

Daily ShotTF
Following the Fed's dovish announcement equities, currencies and commodities experienced a fairly limited move. The short end of the treasury curve reacted violently however. The response in emerging markets to the Fed's decision was fairly subdued as vulnerable currencies remained weak.

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe

EU calls emergency leaders’ summit as German Foreign Minister threatens to over-rule opponents of mandatory quota * Corbyn: Labour is clear that we should remain in the EU * Latest Greek poll shows narrow lead for New Democracy party * US lobbies EU not to grant China market economy status under WTO rules * EU’s top court rules in favour of compensation for airline passengers in case of technical problems * Romanian PM Ponta formally indicted for corruption

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Greece votes — Trade war over China — Refugee roundabout

US Open ZH
Global Stocks Slide, Futures Tumble On Confusion Unleashed By "Uber-Dovish" Fed


FX UpdateTF
Yellen far undershot the market's already relatively complacent expectations by raising significant concerns on international developments, which means the first Fed rate hike is now set for December at the earliest. Most interesting: risk appetite failed to ignite after this dovish performance.

From the FloorTF
With yesterday's dovish Federal Open Market Committee statement failing to provide the customary risk-on rally, investors are wondering where to look. According to Simon Fasdal, the answer could lie with high-yield emerging market and European bonds.

Fedin odotuslinja jatkuu, dollari heikkeni kokouksen jälkeen * Sveitsin keskuspankki piti rahapolitiikkansa ennallaan * Kreikan vaalit lähestyvät