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Wednesday, September 9

9th Sep - Juncker's State of the Union-speech

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Markets still range-trading ahead of the next week's meeting of the Federal Reserve:

Michael Heise: Should Germany Leave the Euro? Project Syndicate
The debate over whether Greece should leave the eurozone has revived the idea that Germany, and other similarly strong economies, would do the rest of the continent a favor if they were the ones to leave the monetary union. It is an idea that is shortsighted, impractical, and economically dubious.

State of the Union 2015: Time for Honesty, Unity and SolidarityEU
Refugee Crisis: European Commission takes decisive actionEU
Greece must respect bailout, or EU reaction will be 'different': Juncker – Reuters
EU's Juncker says in favor of treasury for euro zone – Reuters
Juncker proposes enlarged refugee scheme for Europe – FT
Migrant crisis: EU's Juncker announces refugee quota plan – BBC
What You Need to Know About Europe's Refugee Crisis: Q&A – BB
850,000 to cross into Europe: U.N. – Reuters
Juncker urges ‘immediate action’ on migration – Politico
What Juncker said, what he meant – Politico
By the numbers: Juncker’s State of the Union – Politico
Juncker’s revamped refugee plan – Open Europe
Juncker still has some explaining to do – Politico

US Economic Outlook: Solid demand side - weak supply sideNordea
Our updated view on the US economy remains very positive. Solid domestic fundamentals imply that a stronger USD and even a hard landing in China will not derail the economy’s good growth prospects. The Fed is likely to prefer gradualism over aggression when lifting rates. However, weaknesses on the supply side suggest that rising inflation pressures could prompt a disruptive market shock with spill-overs to the global economy.

The Fed Is About To Unleash Deflation: Deutsche Bank Shows HowZH

Interest rate rise: economic indicators mean hard choices for FedFT
Economic hotspots emerge across US economy despite sluggish wage growth

The Fed Must Act Soon? Why?Mark Thoma

Buiter: Only "Helicopter Money" Can Save The World From The Next Recession ZH

Era of low interest rates fails to generate growth policymakers expected FT
Nearly seven years after the central bank cut rates to near-zero, policymakers from the Fed’s crisis-era response team say low rates and quantitative easing have failed to generate the vigorous economic bounceback they expected.

Morning MoneyBeat AsiaWSJ
Stocks Rally, Catching Up to Europe, Asia

Morning MoneyBeat Europe WSJ
Stocks Jump As Investors Adjust to China Fears

Morning MoneyBeat USWSJ
Watch the Fear Gauge Closely

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

Positive market mood; China suggests less control ahead; US markets catch-up * US JOLTS report to confirm strengthening labour market * US Treasury yields rise * USD mixed

Morning MarketsTF
The will they, won't they debate just got ratcheted up another notch after World Bank chief economist Kaushik Basu urged the US Federal Reserve to save emerging markets from "panic and turmoil" by not moving on interest rates next week.

Daily FX Comment Marc Chandler
Dollar Bid, but Antipodeans Firm

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Commission President: EU cannot continue with “business as usual” it is not in a “good situation” * Spain signals U-turn on refugee quota system while Poland remains opposed * Osborne: The EU treaties do not provide enough protection for non-euro countries * Rebel MPs seek ban on Conservative party money in EU campaign and free role for ministers * Politico: European Commission to launch new €26 million publicity campaign to promote the EU * Leader of Greek centrist party ready to govern “even with the devil” to achieve stability * Bloomberg: Eurozone bailout fund used to indirectly finance bridge loan to Greece * Polish President: We should hold referendum before joining euro * Catalan President: Upcoming regional election “not about declaring independence immediately”

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
EU goes Mad Men — GE-whiz — State of the Union driving the day

Global Risk-On Euphoria: Japan's Nikkei Soars 7.7%, Biggest One Day Move In Seven Years; Futures Surge

Frontrunning ZH

FX UpdateTF
The Swiss franc has tested new lows against the euro since the January revaluation as a new surge in risk appetite punishes the long-neglected franc. Elsewhere, commodity currencies have been rewarded the most in this environment, though the Bank of Canada and Reserve Bank of New Zealand might spoil their chances for further strength.

From the FloorTF
This week has seen risk-on sentiment make a triumphant return to world equity markets, but Saxo's strategists remain guarded as to how long it plans to stay. "We're not out of the woods yet", say both Ole Hansen and Peter Garnry.

Euroalueen toisen neljänneksen BKT-lukuja korjattiin ylöspäin | Turvasatamakorot nousivat eilen | Saksan vienti kasvoi heinäkuussa

Tätä Suomi yrittää - näin talous singahti kasvuun entisissä kriisimaissaVerkkouutiset
Suomi on vajonnut yhdeksi euroalueen heikoimmin pärjääväksi maaksi talouskasvulla mitattuna.

Entä jos ulkomaillakaan ei mene hyvin?Peter Nyberg

Joustavuus ja sopimusvapausRoger Wessman

Syyrian sodan ratkaiseminen ei lopettaisi EU:n pakolaistulvaaProfessorin ajatuksia

Juncker esittää EU-maille pakollista maahanmuuttokiintiötäVerkkouutiset

EU julkisti suunnitelmansa turvapaikanhakijoiden maakiintiöistäYLE

Juncker: Turvapaikanhakijoiden sijoittaminen tehtävä pakolliseksiYLE