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Thursday, May 30

30th May - Quiet #4102

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Economists bolster Salvini in dispute over Rome’s spendingFT
Debate on output gap will determine Italy’s scope for growth

Italian Banks Are At It Again, Shares Re-CrushedWolf Street
What to do with those messy banks ignites further tensions.

Italian Yields Jump As Salvini Threatens To Crash Government ZH

U.S.-EU Talks Struggle, Threatening a New Front in Trade WarBB
EU elections fragment European parties, complicating course * After 10 months, talks do little more than avoid auto tariffs

Trump Risks New Front In Trade War As Talks With Europe FalterZH

ECB Research: Walking a tightrope
Danske Bank
At the coming ECB meeting we expect a continuation of the recent 'delayed, not derailed' communication entailing a continued easing bias and downside growth risk assessment and no change in forward guidance.

ECB Seen Offering Generous Loans to Banks to Boost Feeble GrowthBB
Trade tensions and a cyclical slowdown could warrant stimulus * Officials won’t soften impact of sub-zero rates, survey shows

How ancient inscriptions can help investors beat the marketLipper Alpha

Adair Turner: The Case for Carbon TariffsProject Syndicate
By backing tariffs that would reflect the carbon intensity of key imports, more than 3,500 US economists have broken with the free-market orthodoxy that national environmental policies should not impede global trade liberalization. They were right to do so.

Beyond the China-U.S. Trade WarRay Dalio
Dalio: Risky Time As US-China Conflict Is Much More Than A Trade WarZH
Dalio Sees a ‘Risky Time’ Ahead in U.S.-China Trade ConflictBB

We All Need to Calm Down About Rare EarthsBB
Worries about China’s monopoly over this suite of elements flare up every now and again. The truth is it’s a paper tiger.

Tyler Cowen: The Trade War’s Biggest LosersBB
Smaller countries caught in the middle are being forced to choose sides.

Daniel Moss: Stop Blaming the Trade War for EverythingBB
The catch-all excuse for the global economy’s ills has merely amplified or accelerated existing trends.

China Accuses US Of "Naked Economic Terrorism," Will "Fight Until The End"ZH

Trump to Use U.K. Visit to Push for Huawei BanBB

Five Things to Start Your Day AsiaBB
Mueller Case Closed? * U.S. Fighter Jets in Trade-War Firing Line * Risk Rises * Israel’s Coalition Collapse * Huawei Loses a Key Customer

Eco Day AsiaBB
Dalio Sees Risky Times, China Below 6%, U.S. Warns EU * Global inventory’s surge could mask recession risk: Templeton * Turks turn to YouTube on economy, currency as media neutered

Five Things to Start Your Day EuropeBB

EU Open RundownRANsquawk

FirstFT Daily BriefingFT
Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Voters vs. Spanish law — Barnier’s job application — Big ship, small man

Danske DailyDanske Bank
US curve flattens again and the recession fear is once again out of the bottle

Eco Day EuropeBB
ECB Loan Terms, U.S.-EU Talks Stumble, Japan’s Tax Hike * EU elections fragment European parties, complicating talks * ECB officials won’t soften impact of sub-zero rates, survey

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Kill Bull: Intermission

Five Things to Start Your Day USBB

US Open RundownRANsquawk

Stocks Rebound Even As Traders Brace For "Long-Term Trade War"

Eco Day USBB
Fed’s Dual Mandate, Microscope on Economic Reports, ECB * Fed hopeful Shelton questions value of central bank’s remit * GDP, jobs data to add color on whether U.S. recession imminent

Suomen ensimmäisen neljänneksen kasvuluvut olivat pettymys, myös Ruotsin BKT-luvut julkaistaan tänään | USA:ssa ja euroalueella kuluttajien luottamus oli nousussa toukokuussa | Kauppasotauhitteluun jälleen lisää kierroksia