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Friday, October 24

24th Oct - Eve of Stress Tests

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EU tells Britain to pay extra €2.1bn – FT
Cameron defies €2.1bn EU surcharge – FT
Q&A: Brussels demands budget surcharge – FT

Row between Rome and Brussels heats up – FT
EU Summit: Renzi vs Barroso over EU’s budget letter – FT
Renzi Says Secrecy Must End as EU Leaders Debate Spending – BB

European banking stress tests — pour encourager les autres?Medium

For some European banks, Monday can’t come soon enoughFT

Monday mayhem to follow ECB stress test newsTradingFloor
The results of the ECB's Comprehensive Assessment will be published this weekend. The ECB will be damned if it finds too many problem banks and damned if it doesn't. The safest bet is a compromise between the two. There are doubts about the ability of the bank to fulfil its multiple roles, given the conflicts of interests that this involves.

ECB Set to Fail 25 Banks in Review, Draft Document ShowsBB
Twenty-five lenders in the European Central Bank’s euro-area bank health check are set to fail the regulator’s Comprehensive Assessment, according to a draft communique of the final results,

Deutsche Bank Said to Have Passed ECB Stress TestBB
The bank’s common equity Tier 1 ratio, a key measure of financial strength, will be shown to stand at about 8.8 percent under the ECB’s most severe stress-test scenario and at about 12.6 percent in the baseline scenario,

ECB may struggle to buy enough corporate bondsReuters
Any extension of the European Central Bank's asset-purchase scheme to include company debt risks running into a familiar problem - the ECB may not being able to buy enough of them to make a difference.

ECB's Draghi tells euro zone more needed to avoid another crisisReuters
France and Italy renewed their commitment to reform their economies on Friday in the hope of winning more time to bring their public finances in order but the ECB's president warned more needed to be done to avoid "a relapse into recession".

Draghi: Economic situation in the euro areaECB

ECB's Draghi urges joint euro zone effort to avert recessionReuters
Draghi urged euro zone leaders at a summit on Friday to make a joint effort combining structural reforms, investment, budget discipline and stimulating demand to avoid "a relapse into recession".

Merkel voices support for Draghi after report of tensionsReuters
German Chancellor Angela Merkel thanked ECB President Mario Draghi for spelling out to leaders at an EU summit that governments must play a role in boosting the faltering euro zone economy, and said it was their firm intention to do so.

5 Things About U.K. GDP – WSJ
UK GDP climbs 0.7% in Q3 as expected – TradingFloor
U.K. Growth Slows as Obstacles to Recovery Increase – BB
German consumer confidence rebounds from 2-month low – TradingFloor

New Home Sales Miss, August Drastically Revised Lower – ZH
The Housing Recovery Has Been Canceled Due To Data Revisions – ZH
New Home Sales increased slightly to 467,000 Annual Rate in September – Calculated Risk
Sales of New Homes Worse Than Most Years in 1980s, 1990s – WSJ
New-Home Sales Rose Last Month. Or Maybe They Fell. We Don’t Really Know. – WSJ
U.S. new home sales at six-year high; recovery still fragile – Reuters

Daily MacroWSJ
Markets Seem Calmer, But New Anxieties Arise

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Blackstone’s Take: ECB Hopes Its Credibility Can End Europe’s Banking Stress * Fed’s 2015 Stress Test Scenario Looks at Exposure to Corporate Debt * ECB Struggles as Eurozone Businesses Cutting Prices * BOJ Sees Bigger Chance of Fall in CPI Below 1% * U.K. Economic Growth Slows in Third Quarter

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