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Sunday, October 5

5th Oct - W/E: Random Charts

Some random charts for fun:

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European high-quality bonds (what a non-controversial QE would buy) have a relatively low free float, compared to QE-mad USD and JPY-markets.

DAX long-term: horizontal range reminds of other major market tops. Probable visit to range's bottom, and a danger of a break lower.

DAX medium-term: zoomed in, the range looks a bit like a head&shoulders-topping pattern

DAX short-term: still way to go before trendlines, support levels, no signs of strength yet. At least bullish reversal days should be seen before any longs.

Funny how the European consumers are always most optimistic right at the moment when everything begins to go bad.

There are many ways to draw the trendlines, and one could easily say that the Eurozone's earlier strong growth was because of a bubble. Still, the difference in relative performance is notable.

I finally caved in and decided to invest in myself.

Deutsche Bank got all bullish on the breakout
But then reality hit the markets.

Rising bond yields are not bad to stocks - at least when the rates are still at relatively low levels.

I am not sure if there is a movement toward a new reserve currency.
Sweden's central bank thought it was clever to combat a real estate asset bubble, and raised rates. All they got was deflation, and the bubble grew regardless.

The minute the inflation picks up, I am fairly certain that Riksbanken will repeat the mistake. The central bank's chief opposed the previous rate cut.