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Thursday, November 13

13th Nov - GDP, G20 meeting ahead

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France:  Tangled WebMarc to Market
France is in a difficult position.  It has not had a sufficient spur to reform, despite the platitudes by both Sarkozy and Hollande. 

Juncker responds to Luxleaks tax scandalOpen Europe

Monthly Bulletin, November 2014ECB

The financial vulnerability of euro area householdsECB
Evidence from the Eurosystem’s Household Finance and Consumption Survey

Early warning indicators for fiscal stress in European budgetary surveillance ECB

Mario Draghi: The economic policy of Federico Caffè in our timesBIS
Speech to mark the centenary of the birth of Federico Caffè at the Lecture room of the School of Economics and Business Studies "Federico Caffè", Rome, 12 November 2014.

Spreading deflation across East Asia threatens fresh debt crisisThe Telegraph
Asia's currency skirmishes are happening in a region of festering grievances and territorial disputes, with no Nato-style security structure to dampen down fires

China: October data weaker than expected but signs of stabilisation in investmentsDanske Bank

Steen's Chronicle: Australia – the (unlucky) ones?TradingFloor
Australian economy overly dependent on dividend yields * Chinese investment, housing bubble insulated Australia from the global crisis * 2015 likely to see a move from dividend-paying blue chips into resources

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Douglas’ Take: BOE Needs Faster Wage Growth to Hit Target * Lew Warns Europe Risks ‘Lost Decade’ of Economic Growth * Draghi Says ECB Open to New Measures to Increase Inflation * Forex Probe Exposes BOE Era of Cozy Bank Relations * BOJ’s Sato Sees Inflation Expectations Rising

Daily MacroWSJ
Dribs and drabs of data out of Asia and Europe show that the world outside North America continues to struggle with growth. Chinese numbers were soft across a range of consumer and industrial indicators, while eurozone consumer price figures underscored the presence of deflationary pressures there.

Danske DailyDanske Bank

FI Eye-Opener: Closely monitoring those inflation expectations againNordea
German yields fall – bonds to remain supported today. European equities with more sizable losses. Chinese economic data below expectations. Italian electoral reforms take a step forward. Covered bond issuance picking up. Falling inflation expectations in the cards again? Lively issuance activity continuing.

Group of Twenty IMF Note — G20 Leaders' SummitIMF

Fifteenth Jacques Polak Annual Research Conference: "Cross-Border Spillovers"IMF

Suomi menettää painoarvoaan EU:ssaHS
Suurten jäsenmaiden vaikutusvalta kasvaa, kun äänestyssäännöt muuttuvat

Tappaako Saksa euron – pakottamalla jonkun muun eroamaanTyhmyri

BoE laski inflaatioennustettaan | Venäjän BKT:n kasvu vielä plussalla | Kiinan talousdata jäi odotuksista

Unionin tapaSampo Terho