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Sunday, November 9

9th Nov - W/E: Off-topic & Finnish

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Career Management Stategy: Declare Your GoalsCFA Institute

Adding Tools to Your Mental ToolboxFarnam Street

How Gravity Explains Why Time Never Runs Backward Wired

How to Check if Your Universe Should ExistWired

The warped astrophysics of InterstellarWired

Punitive drug law enforcement failing, says Home Office studyThe Guardian
UK government study finds no evidence that harsh sentencing curbs illegal use and documents success of Portugal’s decriminalisation

A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D.NYT

Gilded CageMoneyness
One thing I discovered fairly early on from my interactions with the gold bug community is that there's no point in debating a gold bug

The Lost Children: France Takes Stock of Growing Jihadist ProblemSpiegel
More than 1,000 young people from France have joined extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, more than from any other European country. The recruits are no longer just coming from the margins of society

Jihadis slip through Europe’s passport-free travel zoneFT
The treaty that allows for the free movement of citizens across 26 European states, documentation almost entirely unchecked has become a yawning security loophole.

Did Islamic State really call a convention of nuts and have 15,000 people show up?Reuters
Are they being encouraged to come and get trained and then go home to fight? Or are they being encouraged to fight in Syria or Iraq as long as possible and only urged to continue the battle elsewhere once they decide to return home?

Diverging views on EU immigration studyvoxeurop
Three British newspapers offer different readings of a major study on immigration

After 25 years Germany needs a foreign policyFT
The danger is that Europe’s response to Ukraine is driven by the lowest common denominator

The East German border guard who opened the Berlin WallFT

Bliss it was to be alive, but to be a Berliner was very heavenFT
When the Wall came down, a regime established for an eternity collapsed, writes Thomas Brussig

What a difference 25 years can makeimfDirect
The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989 was  a day that changed world history and transformed Europe.

Eastern Europe’s 25 Years of TransitionProject Syndicate
David Lipton: A quarter-century ago, Central and Eastern Europe embarked upon a historic transformation, from authoritarian communism to democratic capitalism. With memories of the old system already beginning to fade, it seems fitting to look back at the region’s achievements, review the lessons learned, and examine the challenges ahead.

In Reunited Germany, One Town Remains DividedWSJ
‘Little Berlin’ Kept Its Wall as Memorial, to Dismay of Some Who See Old Divisions Persisting

Fall of Berlin Wall remains region’s best chance to heal woundsFT
Peaceful revolutions, rather than conflict, prove to be precondition for success

The Berlin Wall: Twenty-five years onThe Economist

Eastern Europe’s 25 Years of TransitionProject Syndicate

Eero Lehdestä pääministerin yrittäjäpoliittinen neuvonantajaVerkkouutiset

Perussuomalaisten perustaJukka Tarkka
Jukka Tarkka: Pystyykö kansa palauttamaan populistit marginaaliin?Verkkouutiset

Juha Sipilä haluaa tiukkaa menokuria - kannatuksesta välittämättäVerkkouutiset
Keskustan puheenjohtaja Juha Sipilän mukaan Suomessa tarvitaan tiukkaa menokuria ja tuottavuuden kehitystä.

Portugali hidastaa rakenneuudistuksiaan ”irroittauduttuaan” tukiohjelmastaPS

Suomen talouspoliittinen ajattelu on kansallisvaltion vankiTalSa
Suomalainen talouspoliittinen ajattelu on kahlittu kansallisvaltioon, vaikka eurooppalaiset toimet voisivat olla tarpeen.

Sailaksen ehdotukselle tyrmäys: 1970-luvulla ajat olivat toisetTalSa
Työeläkemaksujen alentaminen 3–5 prosenttiyksiköllä tekisi usean miljardin euron loven yöeläkevaroihin jo vuodessa, Telasta arvioidaan. Valtiovarainministeriön entinen valtiosihteeri Raimo Sailas ehdotti maksujen tilapäistä alentamista kilpailukyvyn parantamiseksi.

Pääministerin haastattelutuntiYLE Areena

EKP:n marraskuun lehdistötilaisuusHarhala

EKP:n kootut selityksetHarhala