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Tuesday, February 7

7th Feb - (Almost) Empty Post

Very short post after previous days' exhaustive link fests. See last night’s Pulling The Greek Tooth for more.

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News – BTH
News – The Trader
  -Greece, Australia’s CB leaves rates unchanged, Bernanke to testify
Morning Briefing – BNY Mellon
  -Talks resume in Athens today, and they look set to go to the wire
Market Preview – Saxo
Press digests by Reuters: FT, WSJ, NYT

Debt crisis: live – The Telegraph
Europe Crisis Tracker – WSJ
Tracking Europe’s Debt Crisis – NYT

As Falls Sarkozy, So Falls Europe: The Full Story Behind The Upcoming French Election ZH
UBS: The key point is that any sort of rift between France and Germany, or inconclusive negotiations or weakening of resolve on the current fiscal compact in general, would immediately go down like a lead balloon at the ECB, which would doubtless feel more constrained.

BoE preview: Another £50bn QE and more to come Danske Bank (pdf)
Market consensus is the same, so no reaction expected.

New Merkozy Proposal "I will Give You Money If You Give It Right Back"; Mathematical Scam to Prevent CDS Triggers Mish’s
This setup is nothing more than a scam to prevent triggering of credit default swaps.

Disbelief as Greek politicians delay deal on €130bn rescue package The Guardian
Exasperated Angela Merkel warns 'time is of the essence', Portugal's PM says 'we will not allow it to happen here'

Employment participation rate shows a troubling trend Sober Look
Young people are dropping out of the work force in US.

Why Cognitive Enhancement Is in Your Future (and Your Past) The Atlantic
Using technology to enhance our brains sounds terrifying, but using tools to make ourselves smarter may be part of humans' nature.