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Thursday, December 10

10th Dec - Slow

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France, Schengen and the Future of EuropeMarc Chandler

Bank of England ReviewDanske Bank
Lower oil price eases pressure - we now expect the first hike in Q2 16

Mersch Says ECB Leak Led to `Flights of Fancy' by Investors – BB
The house that Mario built – Politico
Euro area and ECB outlook: Hot topics in 2016 – Danske Bank

Fed Lift-off Series #2: 'Game of dots'Danske Bank
Fed set to signal 'dovish hike'

Fed Plans to Signal Gradual, Cautious Path on Rate HikesWSJ
After liftoff, central bank will look to strike balance between flexibility and articulating a plan

FOMC preview: Fed to deliver long-awaited rate hike – Nordea

Global OutlookDanske Bank
Bottom in global manufacturing cycle

Year End Trade IdeasGlobal Macro Trading

New financial forecastsNordea

Quarterly LetterGMO
Just How Bad Is Emerging, and How Good Is the U.S.? * Give Me Only Good News! *

Morning MoneyBeat AsiaWSJ
Commodities Rout Spills Into Stocks, Again

Morning MoneyBeat EuropeWSJ
Caution Ahead

Morning MoneyBeat USWSJ
Reasons to Be Hopeful for a Santa Claus Rally

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

New financial forecasts; central banks in focus in Asia; EUR/USD at crucial level * SNB to surprise with rate cut today? * ECB cuts priced out – too soon? * Record-high USD long positions squared ahead of Fed meeting

Morning MarketsTF
Expectations are all but nonexistent going into today's Bank of England policy meeting which is why anything – even the slightest of hawkish hints – could send GBP-complacent markets into a tizzy.

Daily FX CommentMarc Chandler
Greenback Recovers, but Antipodeans Advance

Daily ShotTF
While Germany needs to boost domestic spending Italy and France have engage more in austerity. If inflation remains near zero these countries' current policies are expected to push debt-to-GDP ratios to record levels (as spending continues to grow in real terms).

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Polish PM: We fully accept the right of Great Britain to take sovereign decisions with regards to welfare policy while respecting free movement * Cameron: Brexit would not insulate UK from impact of Eurozone and refugee crises * CDU parliamentary leader demands creation of European Commissioner for external borders and EU border force * New poll: Front National would fail to win two French regions where it obtained over 40% of votes in first round * Reuters poll: uncertainty around EU referendum seen as biggest risk to UK economic growth in 2016 * Italy requests debate over whether to renew sanctions on Russia

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Creţu staff exodus — Renzi-Cameron dream team?

After Vicious Rollercoaster Session, Global Stocks Flat, US Futures Stage Tepid Rebound In Illiquid Chaos


FX UpdateTF
SNB and BoE meetings today with the former providing higher odds for a policy surprise even if the market isn’t holding its breath. Elsewhere the dollar is on life support as long as risk appetite is on the defensive.

From the FloorTF
Welcome to another fun-filled day in the global financial markets where New Zealand has rolled out an expected "hawkish cut" Switzerland opted to retain the status quo and the United Kingdom is seen being similarly reserved at its policy announcement later in the session.

Euroopan sairas mies tarvitsee elintaparemontin * Ruotsin inflaatio- ja palkkaodotukset kasvoivat * Norjan kruunu heikentymisputki tyyntyi eilen * Uuden-Seelannin keskuspankki leikkasi ohjauskorkoaan

Suomen taloustilanne edelleen hankala Suomen Pankki
  Kalvoesitys edelliseenSuomen Pankki

Euroalueen kallein maaSuomen Pankki

Suomi harmaantuu – heikkeneekö rahapolitiikan teho? Suomen Pankki

Vaihtoehtoislaskelma: Mitä jos vienti ei elvy lähivuosina?Suomen Pankki

Roger Wessman: Suomen ydinongelma työllisyys, ei julkinen alijäämäTaloustaito