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Friday, December 4

4th Dec - Moderate US jobs guarantee the rate hike

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German economy picking up at an increasing paceDeutsche Bundesbank
Bundesbank: German Economy Can Expect Modest Migrant BoostWSJ

5 Takeaways From Mario Draghi’s News Conference – WSJ
A Crushed Goldman FX Strategist: "We Badly Misread This Meeting" – ZH
ECB may well need to do more – ABN AMRO
ECB Fumbles the Stimulus-Baton Hand-off, Mussing Up the Fed’s Plans – WSJ
Nobody expects - ECB more dorkish than expected – Polemic’s Pains
Over-promised, under-delivered? – TF
Speech  Mario Draghi: Global and domestic inflation – ECB
Draghi Says There Can't Be a Limit to ECB Action Within Mandate – BB
Market Soars After Draghi Corrects His "Error" – ZH

Janet Yellen: Economic outlook / Dec-3BIS

Can the Fed hike with ISM below 50? – The Big Picture
November Jobs Report: Everything You Need to Know – WSJ
November Jobs Report – The Numbers – WSJ
The November Jobs Report in 14 Charts – WSJ
Economists React: ‘Very Likely Fed Will Begin Raising Interest Rates’ – WSJ
Jobs Data Keeps Fed on Track to Hike – Marc Chandler
Jobs report gives Yellen green light – Danske Bank
Comments: Solid November Employment Report – Bill McBride
Fed will raise rates in December – Nordea

Morning MoneyBeat AsiaWSJ
U.S. Stocks Drop After ECB Underwhelms

Morning MoneyBeat EuropeWSJ
European Stocks Lower on ECB Aftershocks

Morning MoneyBeat USWSJ
What Jobs Miss Would it Take for the Fed to Pause?

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Euro rates updateNordea

EUR and rates rocket up on ECB; solid payrolls, OPEC surprise could add fuel to volatility * ECB expanded stimulus, but not as much as expected * ECB under-delivers, rates explode * EUR/USD up close to 1.10 on Draghi – payrolls is last hope for USD today

Morning MarketsTF
EURUSD has set up base camp in the foothills around the 1.09 zone and today's nonfarm payrolls print could either cut off the Draghi-led rally at the knees or provide fresh impetus towards the 1.10 zone.

Daily FX CommentMarc Chandler
From the ECB's Failure to Communicate to US Jobs to Confirm Fed Signals

Daily ShotTF
Those who got caught in the crowded short euro trade can't say they weren't warned. The euro jumped more than 3% as the crowded trade unwound violently bond yields spiked across the board and the Dax plunged.

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
David Cameron confirms deal on UK’s EU reform package is unlikely in December * Danish referendum: Voters reject closer EU co-operation on crime and policing * Markets fall as ECB easing falls well short of expectations * Greece requests additional EU support to police its border with Macedonia as Sweden considers closing bridge linking it with Denmark * Central and Eastern EU member states voice opposition to ‘mini-Schengen’ * New poll: Front National could finish ahead in half of French regions in first round of upcoming election * US considers plans to limit visa-free travel for EU states unless they accept greater intelligence sharing * New Spanish poll gives ruling party a clear lead, but outright majority remains far away * Portuguese Socialist government officially in power with backing of other left-wing parties * Bundestag votes to back German military intervention in Syria *

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Denmark says ‘no’ — Big Mac Attack — PNR

Futures Rebound On Hope Today's "Most Important Ever" Jobs Number Will Not "Draghi" The Market


FX UpdateTF
Yesterday’s ECB meeting was one for the record books as market expectations for more policy easing were dashed on nearly every front raising the risk of a general deleveraging into year-end on the fear that Europe's central bank is more or less done with QE.

From the FloorTF
Yesterday's ECB shock sent equities into a tailspin and the euro to the moon but this morning's trade seems to show the sort of retracement that is the financial world's equivalent of a hangover. But will Opec upset the apple cart yet again?

EKP-pettymys ajoi korot ylös | USA:n työpaikkaraportti pitää yllä Fedin joulukuun koronnostoa | OPEC pitää öljyn tuotantokiintiön ennallaan

EKP:lta uudenlainen normaalisäätö Roger Wessman

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