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Wednesday, December 16

16th Dec - Fed hikes, almost nothing happens

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Fed lift-off, US to lift oil export ban, yields up with equities * Riksbank is done easing, next up the Fed * Euro-area yields rise as oil and stocks rebound * More oil set to flood international markets?

Morning MarketsTF
It's finally here and the Fed will make its momentous decision tonight to move rates again for the first time since 2006.

Daily FX CommentMarc Chandler
Fe Fi Fo Fed

Daily ShotTF
As we move into the final few hours before the Fed's expected rate hike there is a contrarian punt emerging on the high-yield junk bonds hype.

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
New Open Europe/ComRes poll: Failure to win key reforms could swing UK’s EU referendum vote * Former Danish Ambassador to the EU: Our experience of EU negotiations offers UK helpful precedent * 80% of German managers say it is crucial to keep the UK in the EU * European Council President calls for “debate with no taboos” on UK renegotiation * UK to offer support to new EU border guard * New poll: Hollande would not make it to the second round of the 2017 French presidential election * Italy joins opposition to Russo-German pipeline deal * Bank of England warns EU bankers’ bonus cap is “counterproductive” * Sweden granted temporary exemption from EU refugee relocation scheme * Greece passes another round of reforms paving the way for €1bn in bailout funds

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Dutch PM at risk — Border brouhaha — Brexit polls

Global Stocks, US Futures Greet Historic Fed Day With Euphoria


FX UpdateTF
The Yellen Fed today will take pains to avoid any ugly surprises along the lines of the ECB’s recent debacle which could initially see a softer USD but the greenback should pick up steam again as we look out to further rate hikes to come in 2016 particularly if risky assets weather the first Fed rate hike in over nine years.

From the FloorTF
If the market consensus is to be believed the US Federal Reserve will tonight raise interest rates for the first time in almost a decade adding one quarter of a percentage point and signalling the end of an overlong era of ultra cheap money.

Fed pyristelee pois nollasta * Riksbankissa nähdään elvytyksen olevan menneen talven lumia * Fedin koronnoston lähestyminen heiluttaa valuuttamarkkinoita * USA:ssa inflaatiopaineet kasautuvat hiljalleen