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Wednesday, September 28

28th Sep - ECB research, Deutsche Bank

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The Euro and the Battle of Ideas review — an impasse in Europe FT
Can the euro area reconcile its ‘French’ and ‘German’ philosophies — or must it choose between them?

UBS on the Italian referendum – ZH
Italy cuts growth outlook, hikes deficit, reverses debt pledge – Reuters
Renzi's reforms leave Italian economy and voters flat – Reuters

Bank worries weigh – ABN AMRO
EU Banking Mayhem, One Bank at a Time, then All at Once – Wolf Street
German government prepare Deutsche Bank rescue plan: Die Zeit – Reuters
German finmin says not working on rescue plan for Deutsche Bank – Reuters
The Deutsche domino – FT
Deutsche Bank: A Sinking Ship? – Frances Coppola
Merkel Fate Tied to Deutsche Bank Fortunes, Left Party Head Says – BB

First ECB Annual Research ConferenceECB
ECB Watch – Will the ECB buy equities? – ABN AMRO
Barry Eichengreen: ECB - From Problem to SolutionOpenMind
Is ECB Getting Political Too? – euinside
Could the ECB follow BoJ’s yield control approach? – FT
Draghi Vows to Keep Up Stimulus After German Parliament Grilling – BB

Why Trump thrives despite the news media’s attacks – Fabius Maximus
Noah Smith: Americans Actually Don't Hate Trade – View / BB
Martin Wolf: Under Trump, democracy would lose credibility – FT

Bridgewater, Deutsche Bank: how much time central banks haveZH
Global Imbalances and Currency Wars at the ZLBECB
Goldman Sachs: Not Even An OPEC Deal Will Stop Oil Going Lower – ZH
China Economic Outlook: No more easy growth – Nordea
Bond Market in Deepest Central Bank-Induced Slumber Since 2014 – BB

Huopainen: Donald Trump didn’t dump the peso – Mexico did – TF
Roubini: We need to return to fiscal policy – WEF
A Global Guide to Strategic-Beta Exchange-Traded ProductsMorningstar
The Number of Strategic-Beta ETPs Continues to Mushroom – Morningstar
Saudi Devaluation Bets Surge, Stocks Crash, Debt Deal Falters – ZH
Citi Has One Unpleasant Chart For Anyone Thinking Of Buying Twitter – ZH

Danske DailyDanske Bank

OPEC meeting, Fedspeak, Draghi in Berlin. US Treasury 10Y yield reverses the monthly gain. Oil key for the EUR/USD – surprise from OPEC?

Morning MarketsTF
Today's US durable goods order is expected to come in short of expectations at a point when the USD is crying out for a serious directional factor. Will it be enough to move the needle?

Euro wrap-upDaiwa

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Dollar Mostly Firmer, but Going Nowhere Quickly

Daily Market CommentMacro Man
Front end spread widening: not just a regulatory thing

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Fox hints that the UK will leave the EU customs union * Verhofstadt stresses European Parliament willing to veto Brexit deal, but says he wants an agreement which makes all sides “comfortable” * Commission to unveil new push to harmonise corporate tax in the next few weeks

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Jean-Claude hearts Martin, take 2 — Big leak forward

Futures Fail To Rebound As Deutsche Bank Tries To Comfort Markets That It Is "Fine"

FX UpdateTF
Every effort to generate directional momentum seems to be getting turned back of late with the USDCAD surge the latest move to falter after a break of key resistance. With so much at stake however we can hardly remain bogged down in a tight range forever.

From the FloorTF
The cheer provided by the presidential debate in the US at the start of this week proved only temporary and markets have returned to a state of jittery uncertainty as they await some new source of direction. 

Julkistalouden sopeutus on jaettu maksukyvyn mukaan * Ruotsin talous osoitti jälleen hidastumisen merkkejä * EKP ei harkinnut epätavanomaisempia rahapolitiikan keinoja * OPEC-maat kokoontuvat tänään keskustelemaan öljyntuotannon rajoittamisesta

Brysselin kone: Kenellä on valta EU:ssa?YLE
Miten valtasuhteet EU:ssa ovat muuttuneet ja muuttumassa? Mikä on eri jäsenmaiden, komission vai europarlamentin rooli? Toteuttaako EU Saksan perässä ordoliberalistista talousoppia ja miten populistisin perustein päätöksiä EU:ssa tehdään. Haastateltavana tutkijatohtori Timo Miettinen Helsingin yliopiston Eurooppa-tutkimuksen verkostosta.

Jan Hurri: Maailman vaarallisin pankki – tätä ei voi päästää nurinTalSa
Saksan suurin pankki Deutsche Bank on IMF:n mukaan maailman suurin finanssiriskin lähde. Nyt se on pahemmassa kuin pinteessä, mutta myös liian suuri ja liian vaarallinen kaatumaan. Mutta kuka estää?