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Tuesday, April 17

Twitter List

Here is a collection of Twitter handles to follow. I have not blindly copy-pasted the ones I follow - all of these tweet and retweet more than just announcements that their latest blog post is out.

I intend to update this page. If you think you should (not) be included here, contact me.

If you are new to Twitter, I suggest you check couple of the names, and begin to follow those you like. Pretty soon Twitter will start suggesting similar tweeters and you will see retweets by the names you follow. In no time at all, you are following 100+ names. At that point it would be wise to create lists (divide the tweeters into separate lists based on asset class/topic etc) and start using an application like Tweetdeck instead of the terrible webpage.

Oh yes, I am on Twitter, Facebook, email and

see also Market Folly's excellent Top50-list:

Top Finance People to Follow on Twittermarket folly

Financial Times' Markets Editor

Reuters' Financial Graphics Editor

Reuters' finance blogger

FT Alphaville reporter

Blogger/Columnist, Washington Post

FT Alphaville reporter

FT Alphaville reporter


I'm the FT's US financial correspondent. I like forensic accounting, financial crisis hindsight, and kittens. Formerly of FT Alphaville. Views my own etc.

alphaville team

FT Alphaville Reporter, data addict, footnote reader, coffee drinker. These are my opinions. There are many like them, but these ones are mine.

Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, and his forum of leading economists



Dow Jones Eurozone reporter

Dow Jones FX Team
@bradleydaviswsj, @robpas, @djfxtrader, @katie_martin_fx


The Economist Intelligence Unit provides analysis and forecasts on more than 200 countries and key industries, including technology, finance and energy.


Economist & Bloomberg Brief contributor

Financial reporter for Italian financial site Linkiesta

Financial columnist, work appears on, International Herald Tribune and elsewhere

Business Editor for the BBC



Master of the Universe and Beyond

A hedge fund manager.

Asset allocation specialist

Fixed income, mathematics, philosophy.

Eurozone fixed income strategist at Nomura

Currency / Fixed income Trader, Arbitrageur through Eurex, Cbot/Cme and FX spot. Mostly tweeting in english, but also in french.

Portfolio Manager, Global cross asset investments, nothing here is related to my employment

trader: short term to global macro; aspiring quant interested in machine learning, game theory, and programming.

The two main goals: teaching investors about better investing through risk control, and tying all of the markets into a coherent whole.

Macro & Equity Long/Short Manager NYC / Artist

Global Head of Dealing at London & Capital Asset Management

President of Seabreeze Partners Management Inc; The Street contributor

Chief economist and Head of Global Research at Standard Chartered Bank. Expert on the world economy and international financial markets.

Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets

Macro Trader (inactive?)

Economist and mathematician by training, leader at well-known Internet company by day, quant trader by night, and long-time coder.

Value/macro Hedge Fund guy. Interested in the big picture, ground level details, & everything in between. Looking for 'contentious' ideas. Vampire Slayer.


NYU Stern School Professor, Chairman of RGE

Senior Economist at Roubini Global Economics; editor of

Editor of eponymous investment analysis and China news website

Economics correspondent for The Economist

Markit research analyst covering fixed income and economics.


Modern economics and economic policy – an attempt at couples therapy



Ex-AIG catastrophe underwriter tweeting on finance & risk. Also CEO of Scute Consulting, easing corp funding costs & enhancing 'Going Concern' status.

Independent think-tank campaigning for EU reform

World politics, Economy & Film. Greek crisis combatant.

@tradingfloorcom is a community for people who like to trade stocks, foreign exchange, futures, options, CFDs and commodities. Join the conversation!

MNI's coverage of the European debt crisis

Journalist, blogger and broadcaster. Focus on finance, economics and politics.

The latest financial risk management news headlines from across covering the international financial risk management sector.

The voice of the people. Sorry, people.


Official Twitter feed for Smithsonian magazine and Updates on history, science, arts and culture.

Co-founder of Owner of Robert's Books in Riga