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Friday, January 18

18th Jan - US Open

If you haven't seen it already, do check my piece on TradingFloor.

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Roundups & Commentary
Frontrunning – ZH
Overnight: China, Japan Do Their Best To Add To The Overnight Multiple Expansion – ZH
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Emerging N.Y. headlines – beyondbrics / FT
Daily press summary – Open Europe
  Cameron intended to warn Britain ‘will drift towards the exit’ if EU’s economic and democratic problems aren’t addressed

Morning MarketBeat: Simon Says ‘Rotate’ – WSJ
Broker Note Briefing – WSJ
Dollar Finishing Week on Firm Note – Marc to Market

Cypriot offensive: the leaked money laundering reportThe Brussels Blog / FT
Cypriot officials launching an offensive to convince other eurozone governments that it is no longer a haven for money laundering. The effort has included summoning EU ambassadors in Nicosia to the Cypriot finance ministry, where they were given a 23-slide presentation detailing the country’s anit-money laundering efforts. As is our practice here at the Brussels Blog, we’ve decided to post a copy of the report here.

Cameron Speech Excerpts Raise Specter of EU ExitBB
Cameron’s EU speech warns of Britain’s ‘drift towards the exit’presseurop
Cameron’s cursed speech on EuropeThe World / FT

ECB to start buying soon?Nordea
After the huge falls seen in Spanish yields, such a request has moved even further away. However, Ireland could soon meet the eligibility criteria for the programme.

Euro area financial markets: where do we stand?ECB
(slides from the presentation)

Morgan Stanley's 4th-Quarter Profit of $481 Million Beats EstimatesDealBook / NYT

Morning Briefing (EU/US): The UnforgivenBNY Mellon
Portugal retreated from centre stage some time ago; but it faces a difficult 2013

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