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Wednesday, January 30

30th Jan - US Close: Fed Blames Weather

Check my charts-page. Notice that the bond yields of the developed, non-crisis countries have been moving up for a month now - and the CDS prices have moved up as well. Interestingly, the crisis-hit PIIGS yields and their CDS prices have remained at low levels. The market is pricing in an economic recovery and an end to the euro crisis. Time to exit European bonds - if the economy improves, the bond prices are too high. And if the crisis erupts again, also the core European countries will be hit because of the shared debt burden.

Today, we had the FOMC meeting and the statement. The euro's strength has not gone unnoticed, and some really slick ones in Finnish.

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Roundups & Commentary
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Morning Briefing (Asia): FOMC Maintains Accommodative Stance – BNY Mellon
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[Analysis] German musings: Is Cyprus too small for a bailout?euobserver
German politicians tend to associate Cyprus with money laundering and tax dumping. And now they are wondering whether the island is big enough to be worth bailing out.

Super Mario Noose Tightens As Another Monte Paschi Derivative Emerges; Investigation Into Bank Of Italy OpenedZH

Strong EUR could prompt an ECB rate cutNordea

Goldman Warns That Rising Euro May Prompt ECB Action SoonZH

Euro Is Currency War’s First CasualtyWSJ
A year ago, the chances of euro survival were being weighed in the balance and found severely wanting. Now, the cussed thing is not just still here, all member states present and correct, it's bashing aside all rivals like Popeye after a spinach banquet.

January FOMC StatementFED
December FOMC StatementFED

Will the Fed adopt thresholds for bond buys?MacroScope / Reuters
Suddenly top Wall Street firms are talking about the possibility that the Fed might adopt numerical thresholds for asset purchases, in the same way it has done with interest rates more broadly

Fed stays the courseNordea
Today’s FOMC meeting was a non-event, leaving monetary policy and the forward guidance unchanged as widely expected.

FOMC: easing bias remains in placeDanske Bank (pdf)

FOMC statement marginally hawkishTradingFloor

Comments (Huopainen)TradingFloor

Parsing the Fed: How the Statement ChangedWSJ

Redacted Version of the January 2013 Version of the FOMC StatementAleph Blog

The Fed isn't worried about the GDP drop, and three other takeawaysWonkblog / WP

Fed speaks, but does market listen?MacroScope / Reuters

Fed Keeps Buying Bonds; Stocks Barely BlinkWSJ

Tuhat miljardia euroa – kuin taikurin hatustaJan Hurri / TalSa
Euroalueen keskuspankki EKP lupasi puoli vuotta sitten, että se puolustaa euroa tarvittaessa vaikka rajattomin velkakirjaostoin. Vielä se ei ole käyttänyt tukiostoihin euroakaan, mutta lupaus on tuottanut riskipitoisen finanssivarallisuuden omistajille mojovan pikavoiton: tuhat miljardia euroa.

Irtisanoudun yhteisistä eurooppalaista arvoistaOlli Pusa / US Puheenvuoro
(keskustelu on huima)

Käräjäoikeudelta hyvin perusteltu tuomio Nuorisosäätiön jutussaJyrki Virolainen

Kommentti: Vakiintunut maan tapa onkin vakava rikosYLE
Suomen oikeuslaitos katsoo nyt, että tähän saakka sallittuna pidetty avokätinen vaalirahoituskäytäntö on vakavaa rikollista toimintaa, kirjoittaa toimittaja Ari Mölsä nettikommentissaan.

Virkamiesdiktatuuri on kevyt kuin perhonenArhi Kuittinen / US Puheenvuoro

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