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Saturday, July 19

19th Jul - W/E: Off-Topic & Finnish

This weekend's links to interesting reads not related to markets / econ - you know, for the curious ones!

Previously on MoreLiver’s:

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The Longform Guide to Stand-UpsLong Form

The Timelessness of Greed, Fear, and Bad DecisionsFool
Keeping a diary during the Great Depression, Benjamin Roth, a lawyer with no formal investing or economics background, gives an incredible account of how normal people thought about the depression and the collapsing stock market.

45 Years Ago We Landed Men on the Moon The Atlantic

MBAs are totally misguided about how much they’re worthQuartz

Wall Street Techs Take Secrets to Next Job at Their PerilBB
The prosecutions come as Wall Street is increasingly protective of intellectual property, including trading models and software code

How London bankers at Goldman Sachs and Nomura made millions from taxpayersIndependent
An interest rate swap arrangement has ended up costing a Portuguese state-owned transport company a fortune. So did it really understand the pages and pages of algebra in the contract?

Profile: The Hand on the LeverThe New Yorker
How Janet Yellen is redefining the Federal Reserve.

A Game as Literary TutorialNYT
Dungeons & Dragons Has Influenced a Generation of Writers

Has modern technology killed the spy thriller?The Guardian
James Bond would have been rumbled by his Twitterfeed, the Jackal's Alfa-Romeo nabbed by numberplate recognition. So, asks novelist Charles Cumming, where does espionage fiction go next?

Scientists Are Afraid To Talk About The Robot ApocalypseBI

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Peter Thiel25iq
A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Andy Rachleff25iq
A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Jim Simons25iq

Seed Interview – Jim SimonsSeed
The billionaire hedge fund manager discusses the impact of mathematics on his former life in academia and his new one in finance.

The Economics of Fake DegreesSlate
My cat can get a Ph.D., and that’s a problem.

140 Google Interview QuestionsImpact Interview

The Fundamental Truths of the Startup IndustryHNW Magazine

Google: 6 Reasons Why Nobody Uses Your AppFastco Design
Nobody using your app? It’s okay, you aren’t alone. Here’s what may have gone wrong, according to Google.

The Six Books Bill Gates Thinks You Should Read This SummerFarnam Street

Google is fed up with “zero-day vulnerabilities” in softwareThe Economist

23 Things We Learned from the ‘Young Frankenstein’ CommentaryFilm School Rejects

What Exactly Are Spy Agencies Actually Doing?The Big Picture

Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brainNew Scientist

Almost half of the world actually prefers instant coffeeWaPo

Tämä kupla paisuu vieläNordea
Kuplia siellä, kuplia täällä – keskuspankkien massiiviset elvytystoimet ovat nostaneet omaisuuslajien hintoja kautta linjan. Pitkien korkojen poikkeuksellisen matalasta tasosta huolimatta useat tekijät puhuvat vielä pitkien korkojen laskun puolesta. Alle prosentin taso Saksan 10-vuotisessakin korossa on helposti ihan kulman takana.

Suomen ryhtiliike entistä kauempanaPaavo Häikiö

Keynes, yrittäjätalous ja työllisyystasapainoRaha ja Talous

Asumisen sietämätön kalleusHannu Visti