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Wednesday, July 2

2nd Jul - ECB and payrolls tomorrow

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Free-Trade PitfallsProject Syndicate
Hans Werner Sinn: Iit is not acceptable for the EU to offer foreign investors protection from a European country’s inability to meet its obligations, in particular to service its debt. Such a move, as Handelsblatt’s Norbert Häring recently pointed out, would transform the TTIP into a mechanism for mutualizing liability within the EU.

Handelsblatt: Britain a key driver of EU ReformOpen Europe

Assessing the EU Council Record: Cameron and Juncker May Work Well TogetherPIIE
The election of Jean-Claude Juncker as the next president of the European Commission was not the only accomplishment of EU leaders in late June.

Why Europe needs two euros, not
As the Eurozone cautiously implements stabilising reforms, Germany is forced to go further with concessions than it would prefer. This column suggests that it would be beneficial for discontented members to consider the formation of a second monetary union. The second euro can be constructed better than the first, bringing the discontented members exchange-rate adjustments relative to Germany, and avoiding competitive devaluations.

Is the EU presided by a closet protectionist?Craig Willy
Van Rompuy, who chairs the meetings of national presidents and prime ministers, has again criticized the EU’s excessive focus on abolishing economic/financial borders and that instead it should “balance” this with “protection.” The EU has been too much of a open “space” than a rooted “place.”

ECB preview: Targeted LTRO clarification but no more actionTradingFloor
The policy actions following the June ECB meeting require more clarification, particularly regarding the new rounds of so-called targeted LTROs.

5 Questions Ahead of the ECB’s July MeetingWSJ

Goldman's Yellen Spech Post Mortem: "Nothing To See Here " – ZH
Fed Chair Yellen: "Pockets of increased risk-taking" – Calculated Risk
Fed’s Yellen Says Regulating Shadow Banks a ‘Huge Challenge’ – WSJ
Yellen Says Fed Will Strive to Limit Spillover Effect of Policy – WSJ
Yellen: Monetary policy not the right tool to curb financial excesses – WaPo

What to Watch for in Thursday’s Jobs Report – WSJ
Preview: Employment Report for June – Calculated Risk
Tomorrow’s jobs report is all about discouraged workers – WaPo
GDP is Down, But What Do Payrolls Say About A New Recession Risk? – WSJ

What the Strong ADP Data Mean for Jobs Report – WSJ
BLS Jobs Cut the Mustard, ADP Plays Catch-Up – Marc to Market
ADP: Private Employment increased 281,000 in June – Calculated Risk
Surge In Government Jobs Offset By Private Jobs Decline Adds To ADP Confusion – ZH
ADP Joins List of Better Job Reports – WSJ

Boosting Japan’s Growth: Some Low-Hanging FruitWSJ

Piketty with Chinese CharacteristicsProject Syndicate
In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty argues that capitalism aggravates inequality through several mechanisms, all of which are based on the notion that the return on capital falls less quickly than growth in income. This framework fits China’s recent experience well, and thus merits closer examination.

Japan’s inflation expectations: glass half empty?FT

Daily MacroWSJ
Wall Street’s overnight rally gave an early lift to Asian and European markets. Housing booms are in the news–the U.K.’s keeps inflating, while the air seems to be coming out of China’s. Trade, however, is likely to remain subdued ahead of U.S. payrolls numbers brought forward to Thursday

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Yellen and Lagarde Take Stock of Lessons from Crises Past * Global Central Banking in 2014, A Second Quarter Update for 24 Economies * Lew to Press China on Yuan Appreciation * Rise in Partisan Conflict is a Drag on U.S. Economy * French PM Calls On ECB To Launch QE

Miksi AAA-luokitus ei ole niin tärkeäRoger Wessman

NAIRU ei ole tasapainopisteRaha ja Talous

Miljardi halpatyöläistä ja Euroopan ongelmatRoger Wessman