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Saturday, July 19

19th Jul - W/E: World, Markets, Economics

This weekend's links on markets, economics, EU etc.

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Europe’s future: Another fine messThe Economist
Lessons from the European Union’s embarrassing failure to settle its top jobs

Europe’s top jobs: Indecision timeThe Economist
European Union leaders squabble but fail to agree on their top jobs

Charlemagne: Hail HelvetiaThe Economist
The euro crisis has recreated a rift between a Germanic north and a Latin south that decades of integration tried to efface. Economists and political scientists puzzle over its persistence.

The euro-zone economy: Losing the plotThe Economist
Weak growth and nasty surprises are still the hallmarks of the single-currency club

EU’s Planned Copyright Overhaul May Be Out of Time, But Not Out of MindWSJ
Time's run out for one of EU Commissioner Michel Barnier's dossiers: Overhauling EU copyright law. Real Time Brussels has the white paper, which shows the issues the next commission will have to consider in this thorny matter.

Towards a European unemployment insurance?Bruegel
128415 The Italian Presidency of the EU has asked Bruegel to give a presentation to European Labour and Social Ministers at the informal EPSCO meeting in Milan on July 18. The aim of our presentation was to clearly lay out the major issues and to discuss the pros and cons of a European Unemployment Insurance.

U.S. Sanctions On Russia Are Financial Warfare – Forbes
Russian-Ukrainian crisis takes a tragic turn – Danske Bank
Putin is having trouble backing out of the corner in which he’s trapped himself – Quartz
Tensions Mount Over Ukraine Jet Crash as Corpses Moved – BB
Obama Sees Jet Attack as Wake-Up Call for EU on RussiaBB
What MH17 means for Russia-Ukraine – Reuters

Bulgaria turns to ECB to stave off banking crisisFT
Euro Tumbles As Italy Slashes Growth ExpectationsZH

Chinese Home Prices Decline In Record Number Of Cities, Average Sale Price Has Biggest Drop Since LehmanZH

China vs. Japan Debt Capacity; Impact of Debt on Chinese Growth; Chinese Recovery On PaperMish’s

Goldman Slams Abenomics; Questions "Validity Of BoJ's Target"ZH

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Economists’ Interest Rate Expectations Move Higher * Fed’s Bullard: Fed May Need Rate Rises ‘Sooner Rather Than Later’ * China Fueling U.S. Bond Rally, Low Treasury Yields * South Africa’s Central Bank Raises Interest Rates * Turkish Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates to Boost Growth

Dollar Dominance Intact as U.S. Fines on Banks Raise IreBB
Why the World Has to Play by U.S. RulesBB

Dollar Limps into Weekend as Markets Wary of GeopoliticsMarc to Market

Gold Dreamers Face Harsh RealityBB

Charlie Munger on Investment Concentration versus Diversification25iq

A Hands-on Lesson in Return Forecasting ModelsAlpha Architect

Cultivating Winning HabitsTraderfeed

Do You See Yourself as a Sophisticated Investor?WSJ
Who should get to invest in deals that aren’t available to the general public? That is a question the Securities and Exchange Commission will have to address in the next year or so.

How Russian Hackers Stole the NasdaqBusinessweek

Alpha addict: The amazing career of Leon CoopermanCNBC

Wall Street Buys NATO Microwave Towers in Quest for SpeedBB
Fiber-optic cable used to be the choice of electronic trading firms such as Jump that are locked in a contest to be the fastest. Now they’re adopting microwave technology, which can convey data in nearly half the time,

Are the monetary policies in the US and the Eurozone diverging quickly enough?Sober Look

The computerisation of European jobsBruegel
Technology Displacing Jobs: The European Casenaked capitalism

Ten charts that prove BRICS nations have little in commonQuartz

The Trade DelusionProject Syndicate
Adair Turner: Many experts fear that rising protectionism is undermining globalization, threatening to impede global economic growth. But slower growth in global trade may be inevitable, and liberalization is decreasingly important.

Rejected Classic Articles by Leading Economists Joshua Gans and George Shepherd
Read about the many famous economists - Nobel laureates included - who have struggled to get their work published

7 reasons the gold standard is a terrible ideaVOX

Bernanke v. FriedmanMarginal Revolution

Austrianism, wrong? Inconceivable! – Noahpinion
Understanding the Crank Epidemic – Krugman / NYT
The intellectual cesspool of the inflation truthers – WaPo