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Thursday, July 31

30th Jul - US GDP surprises, new sanctions

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Can Investment Save Europe?Project Syndicate
Jean-Claude Juncker, the president-elect of the European Commission, wants to mobilize an additional €100 billion for public and private investment each year for the next three years. But, at a time when private income has shrunk and public resources are scarce, plans to stimulate investment should be carefully scrutinized.

The ‘Poundzone’ is just as sub-optimal a currency area as the EurozoneEuropp / LSE

The Only Chart You Will Need To Trade Russian Sanctions – ZH
Fact of the week: Russia sanctioned from all sides – Bruegel
EU cuts off Russian banks, puts ball in Moscow’s court – Reuters
Sanction Spiral Successful: German Exports to Russia Plunge – Wolfstreet
Russian Sanctions: Views of Investors and Analysts – WSJ
Russia encounters toughest sanctions ever – Danske Bank
Europe Puts Putin in a Corner – BB
EU will find Russian sanctions worth the pain – Reuters

July 2014 euro area bank lending survey – ECB
ECB says bank lending standards eased for the first time since 2007 – TradingFloor
Euro banks ease lending standards for all sectors for first time since 2007 – Danske Bank
ECB Says Banks Ease Path to Credit for First Time Since 2007 – BB
Great Graphic: ECB's Bank Lending Survey Results – Marc to Market

Business and Consumer Surveys – EC
Economic confidence inches higher in the euro area – TradingFloor
Euro zone sentiment improves, overcoming Ukraine crisis concern – Reuters
Euro-Area Economic Confidence Unexpectedly Rises – BB

German Inflation Cools as ECB Stimulus Takes Time to Work – BB

FX Update: FOMC monetary policy statement in the crosshairs – TradingFloor
Fed seen trimming bond buys, could offer vague rate clues – Reuters
Fed Decision-Day Guide: QE Tapering to Inflation Debate – BB
Dashboards, Dissent, & "Degree-Of-Accommodation" Differences – ZH

Fed Tapers Another $10 Billion, Raises Inflation Concerns, Plosser Dissents – ZH
Goldman's FOMC Post-Mortem: "Slightly Hawkish Tilt" – ZH
Fed sees continued “underutilization of labor resources” – FT
Fed makes a hawkish twist - we now see the first hike in April 2015 – Danske Bank
FOMC Statement: More Tapering – Calculated Risk
Fed more confident in job market but nods to pickup in inflation – WaPo
Redacted Version of the July 2014 FOMC Statement – Aleph blog
FOMC Statement – Tim Duy’s Fed Watch

5 Things to Watch in Wednesday’s U.S. GDP Report – WSJ
BEA: Real GDP increased at 4.0% Annualized Rate in Q2 – Calculated Risk
Revisions Boost Growth in 2013, But Show Weaker Overall Recovery – WSJ
5 Takeaways from Wednesday’s GDP Report – WSJ
US GDP Lifts Dollar and Stocks – Marc to Market

Q2 GDP Surges 4%, Beats Estimates – ZH
Market Jumps on GDP Report, Ponders What It Means for the Fed – WSJ
Economy’s growth rate surges to 4 percent in second quarter – WaPo
US GDP jumped 4% in Q2, beats expectations of 3% - TradingFloor
U.S. economy bounces back in second quarter – Reuters

GDP Sparks Gold Dump, Stock Pump – ZH
US Q2 un-blips Q1 – FT
One Big Factor in the Economic Uptick: Government Spending – WSJ
GDP: A Few Graphs – WSJ
Q2 GDP at 4.0% Soars Above Expectations – dshort

Economy in U.S. Grows More Than Forecast – BB
GDP Report Still Leaves Economy Tilted Toward Tepid – WSJ
Real GDP Per Capita Rises to 3.31% - dshort
Visualizing GDP: Dissecting the Q2 Advance Estimate – dshort
Economists React: Q2 GDP ‘Confirms Expectations for Future Economic Growth’ – WSJ

Second-Quarter GDP Impresses, But Watch Out for Revisions – WSJ
Chart(s) Of The Day: A Decade Of GDP Revisions – ZH
Q2 GDP: Investment Contributions – Calculated Risk
GDP - Pre/Post Annual Revisions In Pictures – dshort

ADP: Private Employment increased 218,000 in July – Calculated Risk
U.S. private sector adds 218,000 jobs in July: ADP – Reuters
US ADP employment a bit below expectations – TradingFloor

Japanese Industrial Production Collapses At Fastest Rate Since 2011 Tsunami – ZH
Japan’s Output Drops Most Since 2011 as Consumers Spend Less – BB

China's local GDP data points to recovery, rebalancing – Reuters

Daily MacroWSJ
No one is expecting any policy shifts from the Federal Reserve in today’s statement, but market complacency is starting to be a worry for central bankers. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney recently tried to shake things up by warning that rates could start to rise sooner than investors think. And there are signs the Fed is starting to worry about quite how far it’s raised market risk appetite. Could it look to ruffle a few feathers? Elsewhere, Europe remains a confused story. French consumer sentiment remains weak, but Spain is rebounding albeit in a deflationary environment. And in Asia, the Japanese economy continues to feel the repercussions of April’s tax rise.

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Investors Whistle Past Middle East and Ukraine Turmoil * Forward Guidance: What to Watch at This Week’s Fed Meeting * Five Things to Watch in Wednesday’s U.S. GDP Report * Banks in Euro Zone Ease Credit Standards on Business Loans * How Much Should China’s Yuan Be Worth? Consider the Big Mac

Saksalaisten tyly arvio: Suomi on eurovaltioiden häntäpäässäReijo Tossavainen / US

Pystyyn kuollut – miten ammattiyhdistysliikkeen pitäisi muuttaa toimintatapojaan?YLE
Ay-liike on byrokraattinen organisaatio, jolla on omat hierarkiansa ja eliittinsä. Some-ajan ketteryys, johon nuoret ovat tottuneet, on ay-liikkeelle vierasta. Palkkatyöläiset ovat esimerkiksi it-alalla tai tekevät työtä robotiikan ja digitalisaation parissa. Kuinka ay-liike on ajanut etujasi?

Muistelua euroon liittymisen ajalta nykyisten vaiheiden valossaTyhmyri

EU:n perussopimus venyy ja paukkuu - kuten SuomenkinSirpa Abdallah / US

Tilausten kasvu pysähtynyt – tilanne Venäjällä vaikuttaa joTeknologiateollisuus
"Venäjän osuus Suomen viennistä putoaa viiteen prosenttiin"TE

AY-liikkeen tulee muuttua tai kuolla (eli syytän)Saloniemi

Kaikilla tuoleilla ei voi istua yhtä aikaaPiksu

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