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Wednesday, February 11

11th Feb - Eurogroup's emergency meeting

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Europe’s Banks Face Decade of Japan-Style Woes, Berenberg SaysBB
Europe’s growth may remain squeezed and interest rates near zero for at least 10 years, weighing on bank revenue and pushing up bad-loan losses…Fixing the European banking system remains unresolved and will remain so until hidden loan losses are dealt with

Does Germany have a bigger public debt problem than Greece?FT
ECB launches two new tools to make statistics more accessibleECB

Chris Giles: Eurosceptic Britain’s advice falls on deaf earsFT
On the subject of Greece, Britain could not be much further from being a player in the game

If Britain goes: Political shock likely to pull the UK apartFT

Krone defence will require another Danish rate cut – Nordea
Denmark is Not SwitzerlandMarc to Market

Did Germany Fulfill their Promises? Did Austerity in Greece Deliver?Calculated Risk
It is time to stop blaming Greece (they mostly did what they were told), and start blaming the Germans and others for pushing the wrong policies.  And give Greece a little relief.

Germany Toughens Tone With Greece Before EU Meetings – BB
No plan for Greece ready, Athens must extend bailout: Moscovici – Reuters
Greek finance minister says cannot exclude clash in EU negotiations – Reuters
Greek defence minister says Greece has Plan B if EU rigid on deal – Reuters
EU targets interim Greek debt deal by next week – Reuters

Bundesbank's Weidmann urges Greece to make 'credible' reform effort – Reuters
Time for Greece to end debt standoff, but no Plan B yet: AustriaReuters
Greece and EZ at loggerheads ahead of Eurogroup meeting – Open Europe
Eurogroup Ministers to Syriza: Drop Dead – Yves Smith
Preview Of Today's Eurogroup Meeting – ZH

Quicktake: Greece’s Fiscal Odyssey – BB
Greece's last minute offer to Brussels changes nothing – The Telegraph
Crucial week which could determine Greece’s future in the Eurozone – Open Europe
Uncertainty Prevails Over Greece Deal Ahead of Eurogroup, SummitMNI
The 2015 Greek redemptions’ path – Bruegel

UBS: Contagion If Greece Exits – ZH
Obama Joins the Greek ChorusBruegel
The maths behind an amended Greek plan – Bruegel
A new start for GreeceBruegel
Greece heads for eurozone showdown – FT

Meet Greece Halfway, EuropeView / BB
What Would It Take to Trigger a Grexit? – The Short Answer – WSJ
How much would a third Greek bailout cost?FT
Greek Contagion Update: Peripheral Bonds Risk Surges – ZH
Now Greeks are protesting in favor of the government – BB

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Fed Increases Outreach to GOP in Audit Battle * Fed’s Lacker Points to June Rate Increase * Sen. Warren Opposes ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill * Federal Reserve Works to Cultivate Stronger Ties to GOP * G-20 Leaders Back Aggressive Stimulus

Daily MacroWSJ
The long showdown between Greece and its creditors hits a key point Wednesday as eurozone finance ministers convene to discuss extending emergency loans to tide Greece over long enough for more substantive negotiations to take place on whether some of the country’s austerity conditions might be lifted. Both Greece and its creditors are playing hardball, but it seems almost impossible that a compromise won’t be struck. There’s too much at stake for both sides.

Danske DailyDanske Bank

FI Eye-OpenerNordea
Eurogroup finance ministers to discuss Greece * US 10-year Treasury yield returns to 2% * JPY weaker on rising global yields

European Brinkmanship Means No Deal Today or TomorrowMarc to Market

Daily ShotTradingFloor
The theme of US strength continues, with job openings hitting a 14-year high and talk of an interest rate hike growing louder by the minute. Across the pond and beyond, however, things are less rosy as Switzerland edges into deflation, Turkey's currency crumbles and Greece continues to do that which it is doing.

Stocks Coiled In Anticipation Of Today's Eurogroup Meeting

From the floorTradingFloor
Greece will hold critical talks with Eurozone finance ministers at an emergency meeting in Brussels later today. But there are the mixed signals unnerving the FX market.

Global Business Cycle: Euro area is recoveringDanske Bank

Monthly Macro Update — Can Greece be saved without Grexit?Handelsbanken
China: GDP growth below target in 2014 - even lower in 2015 * US: Stronger data and growing risks bode for a hike in March * Eurozone: Can Greece be saved without Grexit? * Sweden: Inflationary pressures on the rise

Venäjän kaupan ylijäämä tukee kasvua | Tilausten nousu antaa liian valoisan kuvan | Euroalueen valtiovarainministerit keskustelevat Kreikan tukemisesta

Stadigh: Euroopassa huikea varainsiirto – KL
”Jos Euroopan keskuspankilla on 300 miljardia riskiä Kreikkaan sen arvo ei ole 300 miljardia. Tottakai veronmaksajat maksavat sen jotain kautta jo veroina tai muuten.”

Työryhmä teki ehdotuksia EMUn kehittämisestäVM
Valtiovarainministeriön asiantuntijat herättävät keskustelua nykyistä vakaammasta talous- ja rahaliitosta (EMU). Työryhmä pitää selvityksessään tärkeänä, että jäsenvaltioiden vastuuta omasta talouspolitiikastaan ja taloudellisista sitoumuksistaan vahvistetaan.