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Thursday, June 13

13th Jun - US Close

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Roundups & Commentary
News – Between The Hedges
Markets – Between The Hedges
The Closer – alphaville / FT
US: US Stocks Have Best Day In Six Months Following Japanese Collapse – ZH

Migration picking up but rising unemployment hurting immigrantsOECD
Migration has started to pick up again, driven largely by people moving within the European Union, after three years of continuous decline during the crisis. But the employment prospects for immigrants have worsened, with around one in two immigrants in Europe still looking for work after more than 12 months, according to a new OECD report.

Does ECB Stand for European Conservative Bank?WSJ

How a Greek drama became a global tragedymainly macro
Maybe that title is too strong, but there is an arguable case that what happened to Greece in 2010 was crucial in the move to austerity not just in the Eurozone, but in the UK and US too.

Overview of the Karlsruhe Hearing on OMT Bruegel

Constitutional Court hearing on OMT: Much noise but no clear signalsDB Research

Portugal: Seventh Review Under the Extended Arrangement and Request for Modification of End-June Performance Criteria—Staff ReportIMF

Portugal: Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies, and Technical Memorandum of UnderstandingIMF (pdf)

Two For TaperingTim Duy’s Fed Watch
Today's data appears consistent with Fed expectations that they can begin tapering asset purchases this year.  Still a horse race between September and December, although I think the Fed is aiming for the earlier date if data allows.

Retail Sales increased 0.6% in May – Calculated Risk
U.S. Export Prices Down Amid Weaker Demand Overseas – WSJ
Analysis: What Thursday’s Data Mean for Fed – WSJ
Retail Sales Point to Downshift by US Consumers – Marc to Market
Flash Comment - US: data remains on track – Danske Bank (pdf)
What The "Real" Retail Spending Report Reveals – ZH
Retail Sales in U.S. Increased More Than Forecast in May – BB
Retail Sales: Again Better Than Expected – dshort

Is Abenomics failing? Here's what you need to know about Japan.Wonkblog / WP

Widowmaker of all widowmakers?alphaville / FT
It’s probably too early to say concretely that the great yen short of Abenomics has turned into the widowmaker of all widowmakers. But evidence in favour of such a suggestion is certainly mounting by the day.

EMEA Weekly, Week 25Danske Bank (pdf)

G20 Quarterly Gross Domestic Product, first quarter 2013OECD

How the Robots Lost: High-Frequency Trading's Rise and FallBusinessweek

The Secret WarWired
Infiltration. Sabotage. Mayhem. For years four-star general Keith Alexander has been building a secret army cabable of launching devastating cyberattacks. Now it’s ready to unleash hell.

Sisäinen devalvaatio vai irti eurostaBrysselin kone / YLE
Helmet Capitalin pääomasijoittaja Stefan Törnqvist on sitä mieltä, että jos Suomi haluaa olla kilpailukykyinen, niin sillä on edessään kaksi vaihtoehtoa. Sisäinen tai ulkoinen 20-30 % devalvaatio.

Valtioneuvoston selonteko EU-politiikasta 2013Valtioneuvosto (pdf)
Suomi on sitoutunut yhteiseen rahaan euroon sekä talous- ja rahaliiton vahvistamiseen ja tukee Euroopan tiiviimpää yhdentymistä.

EVM:n toimitusjohtaja: Troikka on lakkautettavaverkkouutiset

Nollalabyrintin vangitHenri Myllyniemi / Perussuomalaiset
Vertaillaan Japanin, Yhdysvaltojen ja euroalueen keskuspankkeja. Pankeilla on eräs merkittävä yhteinen tekijä, ja se on jättimäinen velkakuorma. Nollakorkojen tuntumassa alueet ovat kuitenkin kuin keskellä visaista labyrinttiä. Miten löytää ulospääsy, vai törmäävätkö suuret talousalueet aina umpikujaan?