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Wednesday, June 5

4th Jun - US Close (more Greco-Finnish madness)

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Roundups & Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
The Closer – alphaville / FT
US: 3:30PM Ramp Proves Helpless To Preserve Streak – ZH

ESM Bank Aid Delayed by German Push to Slow Banking UnionBB
Germany has secured French support to delay rules on direct bank aid from the euro area’s firewall fund, calling into question when the tool will be available, according to two European officials.

EU Seeks Role in Bank Shutdowns That Goes Against German PlanBB
The European Commission is seeking to give itself the power to shut down failing euro-area banks as part of a draft crisis blueprint that defies German calls for a more decentralized approach.

Turkey: Macro and FX Outlook - Moderate recovery aheadDanske Bank (pdf)

France: 2013 Article IV Consultation Concluding StatementIMF

Spain’s Crisis Fades as Exports Transform CountryBB

IMF Chief Doesn’t Rule Out Greece Tapping Debt Markets in 2014WSJ

Trade Deficit in U.S. Widened From Three-Year Low – BB
Trade Deficit increased in April to $40.3 Billion – Calculated Risk
US April Trade Deficit Rises But Less Than Expected – ZH

The US trade deficit - a mixed picture – Sober Look

China’s debt servicing cost and dat Minsky momentalphaville / FT
A little update on China’s growing debt-to-GDP ratio, which has caused much alarm and puzzlement this year.

Inflation Slows Across Most Developed CountriesWSJ
The annual rate of inflation across developed economies fell to its lowest level in three and a half years during April, a development that opens the way for leading central banks to continue to shore up weak growth through stimulus measures.

What is the opposite of helicopter money?alphaville / FT
This is a short follow-up to Monday’s negative rate confusion and prepay-tax option post.

361 Capital Weekly Research BriefingThe Reformed Broker

Asiantuntija Kreikka-vakuuksista: Varautukaa oikeudenkäynteihinMTV3
Suomen Pankin entinen johtaja, arvostettu ekonomisti Heikki Koskenkylä arvostelee valtiovarainministeriötä ja Kreikka-vakuuksia.

Oikeustieteilijät: Valtiovarainministeriö uhmasi perustuslakiaHS
Päätöstä kreikkalaisten pankkien sopimusten salaamisesta kirjoitettiin asianajotoimistossa

Ulkoistiko VM perustuslain vastaisesti julkista valtaa?Jyrki Virolainen

Jutta Urpilainen lyttää Kreikka-kritiikin: ”HS:n juttu ei pidä paikkaansa”US

Miksi Suomi pitäisi kiinni oikeuksistaan kun ei ole pitänyt aikaisemminkaan?Tyhmyri

Näkökulma:: Jutta ja veronmaksajatIL
Valtiovarainministerin moitteet perussuomalaisten mainoksesta ovat populismia, kirjoittaa politiikan toimittaja Tommi Parkkonen.

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