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Wednesday, June 19

19th Jun - US Open

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Roundups & Commentary
Frontrunning – ZH
Overnight: Follow The Bouncing Fed – ZH
The Lunch Wrap – alphaville / FT
Emerging N.Y. headlines – beyondbrics / FT
Midday Express (EU daily news) – Europa
Daily press summary – Open Europe

Morning MoneyBeat: Fed Meeting Has That Déjà Vu Feel to It – WSJ
Morning Bond Update – TradingFloor
Marking Time Ahead of the Fed – Marc to Market

Research: Lower euro area inflation as tax hikes drop outDanske Bank (pdf)

Is the high level of uncertainty in the euro area finally receding?DB Research
Even though there seem to be fewer acute risks for the euro area, with risk premiums for the crisis countries having fallen, the currency union remains mired in recession. This is probably also due to the very high level of political and economic uncertainty. At least in that respect, things seem to be looking up.

Back to banking unionMacroScope / Reuters
The G8 produced little heat or light on the state of the world economy but if there was one clarion call it was for the euro zone to get on with forming a banking union

Speech: Keynote speech by Olli Rehn at the Brussels Economic ForumEuropa
European Commission Olli REHN Vice-President of the European Commission and member of the Commission responsible for Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro Speech: Brussels Economic Forum 2013 19 June 2013 Distinguished speakers, Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me welcome you to the 2013 edition of the Brussels Economic Forum.

The use of credit claims as collateral for Eurosystem credit operationsECB (pdf)
Occasional paper no. 148 by Kentaro Tamura and Evangelos Tabakis

Spain: 2013 Article IV Consultation- Concluding Statement of the MissionIMF

Letter from the Cypriot President to the Troika slamming Cypriot bailoutOpen Europe
Cyprus demands revision of 'unjust' EU bailouteuobserver

It’s FOMC day as we all try to read the taperTradingFloor
Today sees one of the most critical and highly anticipated FOMC days in a long time as we are in the midst of the pivot from an ever accommodative Fed to anticipating a more restrictive one. The only high probability outcome is high volatility.

Finance blogger wisdom: the next big thingAbnormal Returns
If ETFs were the last big financial innovation, what is the next one (including any relevant company names)?

G8 tax deal falls short of expectationseuobserver
G8 leaders in Northern Ireland did not agree on tax transparency for developing states or to public registries of shell firms.

Haluammeko kieltäytyä lisälaskuista?Peter Nyberg

Analyysi: Laittaako Saksan perustuslakituomioistuin suitset EKP:lle?Perussuomalaiset

"Olemme monessa asiassa kokoamme suurempi vaikuttaja"verkkouutiset
Suomen toiminta EU:ssa on pääministeri Jyrki Kataisen (kok.) mielestä ollut tuloksellista ja Suomi on monessa asiassa kokoaan suurempi vaikuttaja. Parantamisen varaakin pääministerin mielestä on edelleen.

Timo Soini sanoo hallituksen olevan "kuollut kala"verkkouutiset
Soinin mukaan mielipidemittaukset osoittavat, että suomalaiset eivät halua syventää integraatiota, eurooppalaista liittovaltiota, lisää yhteisvastuuta, eurobondeja eivätkä itsenäisyyden menettämistä Brysseliin. ”Näistä mielipiteistä te viis veisaatte.”

Perussuomalaiset miinuslistan kärkipaikallaHS
Erityisen kielteisesti puolueeseen suhtautuvat pääkaupunkiseudulla asuvat, korkeasti koulutetut naiset, ilmenee HS:n teettämästä gallupista.

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