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Tuesday, April 15

15th Apr - European QE and Ukraine dominate

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Draghi Says Euro Appreciation Would Trigger ECB StimulusBB

ECB Officials Keep Focus on New Measures To Support Euro ZoneWSJ

Ukraine Deploys Military as Russia Evokes Specter of Civil WarBB

Germany says Nein and JaMarc to Market
The Bundesbank has dropped its opposition to extraordinary measures, like ending the sterilization of the SMP bond purchases, and has even dropped its visceral opposition to QE, if it can be structured properly to keep within the ECB's mandate.

Spain Anxiety on Euro Leaves Rajoy With Two-Front BattleBB

European Stocks Fall Amid Ukraine Violence, German DataBB

The Euro and the Geography of International Debt FlowsFED
Core EMU countries increased their borrowing from outside of EMU and their lending to the EMU periphery.

Germany relishes role of hegemon, but is not able to play the partBruegel
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble recently declared that the European Union has “moved sovereignty to the European level” – a startling claim, given that European governments seem to be pursuing their national interests more aggressively than at any time since World War II. Was Schäuble’s statement supposed to serve as a rallying cry for greater European solidarity? Or was it just a ploy to deflect calls for a larger German contribution to the eurozone’s recovery?

Fed’s Stein: Financial Stability Fits Within Central Bank’s Dual MandateWSJ

Chinese Finance Official: Please Excuse Us While We Renovate Our EconomyWSJ
The world’s second-largest economy is getting a long overdue makeover. That means slower growth. Get over it, said one of China’s top finance officials.

China Moves Against Shadow BankingMarc to Market

China - No sign of H2 recovery in credit and money supply growthDanske Bank

IMF Introduces ‘Spillbacks’ Into Lexicon of Global Finance OfficialsWSJ
“Monetary policy settings in major countries should continue to be carefully calibrated and clearly communicated, with cooperation among policymakers to help manage spillovers and spillbacks,” the IMF’s steering committee said in its official communiqué.

The IMF on Bank SubsidiesMainly Macro

The Longer Term OutlookGlobal Macro Trading
With High Yield spreads near historical tight levels, spread compression as a source of return is probably over for credit holders.

Yield Forecast UpdateDanske Bank
Low inflation continues to keep rates down

Emerging Markets Briefer: April 2014Danske Bank

FX market trends before, between and beyond Triennial Surveys – BIS
FX and derivatives markets in emerging economies BIS
OTC interest rate derivatives market in 2013 – BIS
Anatomy of the FX market through the lens of the 2013 Triennial Survey – BIS

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