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Tuesday, April 22

22nd Apr - Waiting for PMIs

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The Banks and Austerity: a simple story of the last ten yearsMainly Macro
Rather than seeing the financial crisis and austerity as two essentially separate stories, the needs and influence of the banks connect the two.

Euro-Zone Fiscal ColonialismPhilippe Legrain / NYT
The primary cause of the crisis was the reckless lending of German and French banks

Scandinavia Is Looking ScaryWSJ
The trio of countries that form Scandinavia–Denmark, Norway and Sweden–have for years been the heartland of some of the world’s highest standards of living. But it seems the pristine facade has been built on rather wobbly foundations.

How in the world did central banks miss this?Open Europe
Details of the EU’s Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (the bank bail-in plans) which could prohibit governments from protecting central banks against losses when they  provide emergency lending to banks in a crisis.

A New ECB Outlook? Part IPIIE
A New ECB Outlook: Part IIPIIE

Euro area deflation monitorDanske Bank

Russia, U.S. Trade Blame as Ukraine Accord Nears CollapseBB

Kennan’s RevengeProject Syndicate
Robert Skidelsky: American diplomat George Kennan traced the Cold War partly to neurotic insecurity and Oriental secretiveness on the Russian side, and legalism and moralism on the Western side. If Cold War II erupts in Ukraine, it will be because the middle ground of cool calculation of interests, possibilities, and risks remains elusive to this day.

How China's Commodity-Financing Bubble Becomes Globally ContagiousZH

Barroson ex-neuvonantaja ripittää komissiota – ”EU revitty velkojiin ja velallisiin”PS
Barroson ex-neuvonantaja: kriisinhoitoa kansalaisten kustannuksellaJuhani Huopainen / US

Japanin elvytyksestä yhä apuaRoger Wessman

Lainantajien usko ratkaisee velkakestävyydenRoger Wessman

Pakkoruotsin kumotut perustelutSampo Terho

He tiesivät mitä tekivätHenri Myllyniemi / US
Hekin tiesivät mitä tekivätHenri Myllyniemi / US

Stubb pani virkamiehet vaalityöhön – matkalaskut valtion piikkiinäPS

Demokratia -> eurokratia -> byrokratiaToimi Kankaanniemi / US

Työttömyyden hoito on keskeisin talouspoliittinen tavoiteAntti Koskela / US

Ketkä Suomesta EU-parlamenttiin?Jyrki Virolainen