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Wednesday, April 9

9th Apr - Dovish Fed minutes

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Sweden’s Riksbank Delays Rate Hikes to Push Up InflationWSJ
The bank said its main repurchase, or repo, rate is expected to remain at this level for around a year.   In February the Riksbank said the first rate hike would come “at the beginning of 2015.”

ECB’s Bonnici Says Bank Will Take Rising Euro Into AccountWSJ

Draghi’s Hunt for QE Assets Leaves ECB Scouring Barren MarketBB
The ECB’s focus on ABS for monetary easing risks guiding it toward a policy that might be slow to evolve and far smaller than the 1 trillion euros ($1.4 trillion) in bond purchases it has already simulated. Draghi has said international regulators must change the rules on ABSs, yet those officials are steering against the easy creation of complex products because of the role they played in the global financial crisis.

Greece’s markets return: sugar-coating a harsh realityFT
Greece: Master of Suspense – WSJ
That new Greek bond — the terms – FT
Taking the red pill, Greece edition – FT

Why big banks have to raise $68 billion by 2018WaPo
On Tuesday, the three banking regulators finalized a proposal to have the eight largest banks double the amount of capital they hold to absorb losses on practically every asset on their books, not just the risky ones.

4 key reasons for CAPEX acceleratingSober Look

The Most Important Difference Between 2007 and 2014The Reformed Broker

Fed’s Kocherlakota: Fed Could Do Better in Achieving Job, Inflation Goals – WSJ
Fed’s Plosser: More Bond-Buying Won’t Boost Low Inflation – WSJ
Fed’s Evans Worries Policy Makers Will Tighten Policies Too Early – WSJ

  FOMC Minutes
SEP changes "not less accommodative reaction function" – Calculated Risk
FOMC Minutes Confirms "Forecasts Overstate Rate Rise Pace" – ZH
Hilsenrath: Fed Worried About Misleading on Interest Rates at Policy MeetingWSJ
Fed Minutes Show Fears of Rate Increases Overdone – WSJ
Stocks Double Gains After Fed Minutes – WSJ

China, Not the West, is Key to Asia’s Export Recovery – WSJ
China Commodity Demand Not Peaking, Says IMF – WSJ
IMF Urges China To Rein In Credit, Even If Growth Slows – WSJ
First-Quarter Data to Confirm China’s Growth Is Slowing – WSJ
  The big question now is how far China’s leaders will go in perking up the economy through stimulus measures.

Hope in Deflation Fight as Japan Prices Rise After Tax Increase – WSJ
BOJ Beat: Calibrating Kuroda’s Optimism: Easing Still Possible – WSJ

In IMF Outlook, Asia Looks Good by ComparisonWSJ
Brazil, Russia and South Africa for big growth forecast downgrades. Meanwhile, the fund’s projections for India, China and Indonesia have improved in recent months.

Weekly Bond Update: Corporate bonds continue strong performanceTradingFloor
Corporate bonds are continuing their strong performance in 2014, with investors starting to look for the attractive risk-reward trade in emerging markets.

IMF Sees Rising Risks for Emerging Markets’ Corporate DebtBB

Goldman Warns 67% Odds Of A 10% Market Decline In Next YearZH

Global Business Cycle MonitorDanske Bank
Indicators point to temporary slowdown

Would You Buy These Charts?Bespoke

Arvostusinflaatio ja varallisuuden jakoRoger Wessman

Loputon säästökuuri ja tukiaispolitiikan vitsausHannu Visti

Presidentti Ahtisaari: Valtio ei voi kustantaa kaikkeaVerkkouutiset
Presidentti Martti Ahtisaari pitää pohjoismaista hyvinvointiyhteiskuntaa hyvänä ja reiluna yhteiskuntamallina, mutta korostaa samalla yksilön vastuuta.

Olli Rehn: Kreikan vakuudet poliittisen pääoman tuhlaamistaVerkkouutiset

Vastaus Rehnin hyökkäykselle: Eikö Suomen etua olisi pitänyt ajatella?Verkkouutiset
Miapetra Kumpula-Natri pitää sumutuksena Olli Rehnin tason talousosaajan kommenttia siitä, ettei Kreikalta vaadituista vakuuksista olisi Suomelle hyötyä.

Olli Rehn kovistelee Soinia ja SDP:tä – "Voin kertoa teille salaisuuden"Uusi Suomi

Soini: Suomella luottojohdannaissopimus – ei vakuuksiaVerkkouutiset