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Friday, April 25

25th Apr - Slow Friday

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U.K. Retail Sales Unexpectedly Rise as Growth Gains MomentumBB

ECB Constancio: Considering All Options To Stem Risks From Low InflationWSJ

Shrinking timesBruegel
Over the last 5 years, the Eurozone financial system has been flooded with liquidity, due to the ECB’s very special response to the very special bank-sovereign euro crisis. 
Furious Russia Proposes "Scorched Earth" Retaliation Against NATO Countries – ZH
S&P cuts Russia, sanctions could spell further downgrade – Reuters
Russia Debt Rating Cut to Step Above Junk at S&P – BB
Obama plans to call EU leaders in Russia sanctions push-sources – Reuters

Tokyo inflation hits 22-year high, inching toward BOJ goal – Reuters
Japan's inflation rate has stalled as impact of yen depreciation wanes – Sober Look
Japan CPI +2.7%; Tale of Two Headlines – Mish’s
Japan and the mistaken quest for QQE2 – FT
Japan's retail sales growth seen at 17-year peak before tax hike – Reuters
Tokyo Inflation Quickens to Fastest Since 1992 – BB

Grand Central: Fed Reinforcements on the WayWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Fed Reinforcements on the Way * Russia’s Central Bank Raises Rates * Japan’s Tepid Victory Over Deflation * China’s Central Bank Looks for Better Monetary-Measuring Tools * Swiss Central Bank Sees Demand for Safe Haven

Macro Horizons: Russia Suffers Pain of Sanctions and Raises RatesWSJ
Friday’s news flows finds three of the world’s biggest economies facing very different policy dilemmas for very different reasons.

Piketty ja ekonomistien reaktiotRoger Wessman

EU tien risteyksessäKaisa Penny / US

Euro on tullut kalliiksi - Suomi tarvitsee oman rahanAntti Pesonen / US

Vähittäiskaupan pikaennakko -1,5% maalisk. YoYTilastokeskus

Nej men ja!Eija-Riitta Korhola / US