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Sunday, April 6

6th Apr - W/E: Off-Topic & Finnish

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Economics had rethink since the crisis, but political science sails onwardsEuropp / LSE
The financial crisis which began in 2007 prompted a number of changes in academic approaches to economics. As Mick Moran writes, however, political science has not experienced the same level of introspection, despite the crisis also offering challenges to the discipline. He argues that the reasons for this lie in the historical mission of political science and in its established intellectual practices.

Eight Books that Changed the Way I Think About the WorldCFA Institute

Interactive Graphic: The NSA Spying MachineBB

NSA Book Review: 'Most Germans Don't Share These Concerns'Spiegel
The head of Germany's agency in charge of counterintelligence reviews the new book by the reporters behind SPIEGEL's NSA coverage. He says many fears raised are overplayed, but also warns people need to take greater care with their data.

The Sherlock Holmes of AccountingCFA Institute
Because of his track record in detecting the manipulation of financial results, Howard Schilit has been called the Sherlock Holmes of accounting. He explains the mystery of his art.

Billy Salomon Turns 100 as Flash Trades Replace HandshakeBB
When William “Billy” Salomon started on Wall Street more than 80 years ago at his family firm, trades were often closed with a gentleman’s clasp. Now, with computers completing transactions in microseconds, he says the industry is worse off.

Physicist Who Put Bang in Cosmos Seeking Other Universes BB

The inexplicable prices in hotel minibars around the worldQuartz

At 90, a Brilliant Mathematician Ponders His Next ChallengeWired
Freeman Dyson — the world-renowned mathematical physicist who helped found quantum electrodynamics with the bongo-playing, Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman and others, devised numerous mathematical techniques, led the team that designed a low-power nuclear reactor that produces medical isotopes for research hospitals, dreamed of exploring the solar system in spaceships propelled by nuclear bombs, wrote technical and popular science books, penned dozens of reviews for The New York Review of Books, and turned 90 in December — is pondering a new math problem.

How Gmail Happened: The Inside Story of Its Launch 10 Years Ago TodayTIME
Google's email breakthrough was almost three years in the making. But it wasn't a given that it would reach the public at all

Automated ethicsAeon
When is it ethical to hand our decisions over to machines? And when is external automation a step too far?

The Engineering of the Chain Restaurant MenuThe Atlantic
At IHOP and Applebee's, menus are sales documents. And navigational guides. And explainers. 

How Twitter Has Changed Over the Years in 12 ChartsThe Atlantic
Replying is dying, retweeting is up, North America isn't dominant anymore, but English is, and more lessons from 37 billion tweets.

How the secret police tracked my childhoodBBC
Fighting the system used to be dangerous anywhere in Eastern Europe. For one protester from a small Romanian village it was disastrous - and also for his family, whose every word was recorded by the secret police. Carmen Bugan, who found the transcript of her childhood, tells their story.

Minkä hintojen soisitte nousevan, pääjohtaja Liikanen?Jan Hurri / TalSa

Arkielämän alituinen kallistuminen ärsyttää tavallisia kuolevaisia mutta ei keskuspankkiireja. Heistä hintojen on syytäkin nousta, jotta "hintavakaus" säilyy ja talous pysyy vauhdissa. EKP harkitseekin inflaation kiihdyttämistä "kysyntää kannustavaan" nousuun. Se on jäänyt kertomatta, minkä hintojen olisi hyvä nousta – ja mitä iloa siitä olisi kansalaisille.

Urpilainen käynnisti kampanjansa pelollaIS
Sdp:ssä on yksi peikko, jota pelätään vielä enemmän kuin vuosien ajan laskevaa kannatuskäyrää.

USA: Työllisyys paranee, palkat kurissaRoger Wessman

Suomi maalasi itsensä nurkkaanHenri Myllyniemi / US

Juhana Vartiainen: Suomen tupomekanismi on rikkiSK

Komissaari Olli Rehn lähtee parturin kautta vaalikentilleHS
"On monia asioita, jotka eivät ole menneet ihan niin kuin olisi toivonut", sanoo komissaarin tehtävistä vaalikentille hyppäävä keskustan Olli Rehn

HS-analyysi: Kremlin haukkoja lietsoo inhorealistinen maailmankuvaHS