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Wednesday, April 22

22nd Apr - Still waiting...

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UK: BoE in no rush to raise rates – yet – Nordea
BOE Officials Unanimous on Rates – WSJ
Bank of England unanimous on rates, more upbeat on euro zone – Reuters
MPC comments on the GBP on the hawkish side – Danske Bank

Grexit - what if? Don't expect any solution before the summer crunch time – Danske Bank
ECB Prepares To Sacrifice Greek Banks With 50% Collateral Haircut – ZH
Greece won't present reform list at Riga, top Eurogroup official says – Reuters
Martin Wolf: Mythology that blocks progress in GreeceFT
Could Greece default and stay inside the Eurozone? – Open Europe

Global FX Strategy: USD will strike backNordea
In this month's edition, we ask ourselves whether the market is overly pessimistic on the US growth outlook after recent data. If so, we may see parts of the market wrong-footed “tantrum-style” in coming months. In Scandinavia, further easing will be implemented.

Kenneth Rogoff: Debt supercycle, not secular stagnation – vox
Robert Skidelsky: Debating the Confidence Fairy – Project Syndicate
Paul Krugman: Airbrushing Austerity – NYT

Daily Central BanksWSJ
Hilsenrath’s Take: Digging Deeper Into the Strange Seasonality of Fed Decision-Making * Fed’s Rate Decisions Hang on Dollar, Growth Concerns * Q&A: Fed’s Rosengren Says Continued Subpar Growth Could Delay Fed to Defer Rate Increases * BOE Officials Unanimous on Rates * Swedish Central Banker Sees Inflation Heading in the Right Direction

Daily MacroWSJ
Stock investors have been a little jittery in the U.S. – where the strong dollar has monkeyed with first-quarter earnings – but elsewhere they can’t help buying, not when the central banks and governments of the world are throwing money at them.

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Global DailyABN AMRO
Three-month Euribor moves into negative territory * Germany’s ZEW economic sentiment stays at historically high levels underlining that it will outperform the eurozone this year

Euro rates updateNordea

Grexit would strengthen the Euro area * More easing in China * Positive ZEW fuels markets * 3M Euribor goes negative, is the whole world turning negative * EUR/USD saw some Greece-inspired volatility yesterday

Morning MarketsTF
The Australian dollar was a clear winner in Asia overnight, riding higher on the back of a slightly stronger-than-forecast CPI print, which may reduce the likelihood of the Reserve Bank of Australia cutting interest rates at its May policy meeting.

Daily FX CommentMarc to Market
Dollar  Surrenders Gains

Daily ShotTF
Greece's finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, is showing optimism about the negotiations with the creditors. He supposedly sees "clear convergence" in the views of both parties. But the markets are not convinced. We also may have the first indications that the uncertainty related to Greece is starting to have a negative impact on the Eurozone.

Asian Euphoria Sends Nikkei Above 20,000, Fizzles In Europe On More Greek Fears; US Futures Down

From the FloorTF
There are some 3,000 uncompleted shale wells that are champing at the bit to get started if the oil price rise continues and with Saudi Arabia ending its air strikes against Yemen, the rally in oil is likely to stay capped.

Martin Sandbu’s Free LunchFT
Four out of ten Britons want a bigger state. No major party is offering them one.

Japanin kulutus saa tukea palkkojen noususta |  Saksan ZEW-indeksi laski yllättäen | Unkarin keskuspankki laski odotetusti ohjauskorkoaan

Jan Hurri: Kepunomics – alitehoinen taloustraktoriTalSa
Analyysi Keskustan talousohjelma kuvannee seuraavan hallituksenkin tärkeimmät taloustavoitteet: miten Suomi nostetaan taantumasta ja velalla eläminen loppuu. Tavoitteet ovat selkeitä, mutta keinot vaikeita ja osin epämääräisiä. "Kepunomics" on kuin alitehoinen taloustrakto

Suomalaiset äänestivät leikkausten puolestaYLE
Vaikka leikkauslinja sai kannatusta läpi Suomen, on kannatuksessa nähtävissä alueellisia eroja. Yle kokosi kartan, joka näyttää, millaista talouspolitiikkaa Suomen kunnissa äänestystuloksen perusteella halutaan.

Sipilä kertoi: Tässä ovat hallitusneuvottelun keskeiset kysymyksetIS

Henri Myllyniemi: Joko leikataan?US Puheenvuoro

Tämä ei ole sinun Suomesi, Krista KosonenIS

Henry Laasanen: Taideyliopiston rehtori Rosenberg paljasti karvansaUS / Puheenvuoro