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Sunday, July 12

12th Jul - W/E: Linkfest


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Josh Barro: The Problem With a Euro Fix: What’s in It for the Dutch?NYT
It’s possible that countries like the Netherlands and Austria could gradually stumble toward financing their neighbors as Connecticut has. But if the gradual American process has to be the model, we will all be long dead before the eurozone is fixed.

French comeback exposes rift in eurozone coreFT
Regardless of how the crisis over Greece plays out, there is a risk that the delicate balance between France and Germany on the euro could be disturbed further.

Yanis Varoufakis: Germany won’t spare Greek pain – it has an interest in breaking us – The Guardian
Peter Spiegel: Alexis Tsipras, the leader taking Greece to the brink – FT
What should be done about Greece – and what is likely to happenRichard Werner
Euro MOA+MOE plus Drachma MOE – Worthwhile
There won't be a drachma-induced recovery – JP Koning
The Starmine Sovereign Risk Model Analyzes The Greek Crisis – Alpha Now
Greek Battle Is Reflected in Spanish Politics – WSJ
Are we Sure that Tsipras Caved In? – Francesco Saraceno
Jeffrey Sachs: Down and Out in Athens and BrusselsProject Syndicate
Joseph E. Stiglitz: The U.S. Must Save Greece – Time
Steve Hanke: Could Greece adopt the dollar? – Politico

Factbox: Tight weekend timeline for deal to save Greece – Reuters
Over To Merkel: Greek Govt Approves Bill People Rejected – ZH
Greece Faces Showdown With Creditors as Lawmakers Back Bailout – BB
What is really in Greece's last-ditch proposal, and can it work? – Bruegel
EU, IMF tell Eurogroup Greek proposals form basis for bailout talks – Reuters

Greek Bailout Dissected as German Skepticism Clouds Talks – BB
Troika Says Proposal Not Enough, Serves As "Basis For Negotiations" – ZH
Euro lenders to pass bailout judgment as Greece backs reforms – Reuters
European Hardliners Call Greece Trust Deficit Key Hurdle to Deal – BB
Wary euro zone to pass bailout judgment on Greece – Reuters

Euro zone not certain to agree Greek bailout: sources – Reuters
Eurozone finance ministers split over Greece – FT
Schauble Proposes "5 Year Grexit With Humanitarian Support" – ZH
Euro zone ministers demand more from Greece for loan talks – Reuters
Germany floats Greek euro 'time-out' without more reforms – Reuters

Finland Echoes Germany, Wants Greece Out; Five Other Nations Back Grexit – ZH
Germany prepares 'temporary' Greek exit, euro project on the brink – The Telegraph
Someone Told Merkel... – ZH
Greece Talks Deadlocked as Euro Hardliners Resist New Bailout – BB
Greek Bailout Dissected as German Skepticism Clouds Talks – BB

Euro zone finance minister comments on GreeceReuters
Italy's Renzi to tell Germany to accept Greece deal: newspaper – Reuters

5 Quotes from Janet Yellen’s Speech on the U.S. Economy – WSJ
Yellen Maintains Outlook for First Rate Increase in 2015 – BB

Monetary Policy 101: A Primer on the Fed’s Changing Approach to Policy Implementation – FED
Monetary Policy, Hot Housing Markets and Leverage – FED
Financial constraints and productivity: evidence from euro area companies – ECB

Job Skills Companies Want But Can’t GetBB

Teija Tiilikainen: Kreikkaa ei voida erottaa eurostaVerkkouutiset

Kreikan murhe­näytelmä kirjoitettiin heti euron alussaHS
Luottoluokittajien harha, tilastohuijaus ja lepsut eurosäännöt antoivat Kreikalle mahdollisuuden ajaa itsensä katastrofiin