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Sunday, July 19

19th Jul - W/E: Linkfest


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Larry Elliott: The euro – the 'New' Coke of currencies?The Guardian
The eurozone should have learned from Coca-Cola’s mistake - if it aint broken, don’t fix it. And when it’s broken, get out of the fix, as quick as you can

The Euro – A Fiscal Strangulation Mechanism (but mostly for monetary reasons)Lars Christensen

"Systemic importance", "radical parties", and democracy in the EurozoneAlberto Bagnai

Interview with Wolfgang Schäuble: 'There Is No German Dominance'Spiegel
Criticism of Germany's role in the recent negotiations over Greece's future has been fierce. SPIEGEL speaks with Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble about the government in Athens, his own feelings about a Grexit and his relationship with Chancellor Merkel.

What If Germany And Greece Switched Places?Huffington Post

They Told You So: Economists Were Right to Doubt the EuroNYT

Ireland and GreeceSimon Wren-Lewis

In Greek crisis, one big unhappy EU familyReuters
The latest paroxysm of Greece's debt crisis has exposed growing rifts in the euro zone which, unless addressed soon, could lead to the break-up of European monetary union, the EU's most ambitious project.

Hollande calls for the creation of a euro zone governmentReuters
France’s Hollande Proposes Creation of Euro-Zone GovernmentBB

Varoufakis says Greek reforms ‘will fail’ – Politico
Tsipras reshuffles Greek cabinet – Politico
Why Not Simulate Grexit? – Klaus Kastner
Reforming Greece - voxEU
How bad are things for the people of Greece? – BBC
IMF defends decision to go public on case for Greece debt relief – FT
Greek reshuffle hints at autumn election – FT
Greece and the euro: From rage to resignation – The Economist
How the Greek crisis changed Europe forever – The Telegraph
Charles Wyplosz: The new European Union – voxeu
Wolfgang Münchau: Grexit remains likely outcome of this sorry process – FT
Schäuble defends role in Greek talks – Politico
European Commission prepared extensive report on Grexit – Ekathimerini
A Tightrope for Europe’s Central Bank Chief – NYT
German Economy Minister criticizes Schaeuble's proposal for temporary Grexit – Reuters
Schaeuble Says No Reason to Quit Over Greece After Deal – BB
Here's What Membership in the Euro Did for GreeceBB

Guide to the Markets Q3J.P. Morgan

The best indicator of the US economyBI

How fiscal policy can support medium- to long-term growthvoxeu

Review by Giles Wilkes: ‘The Global Minotaur’, by Yanis VaroufakisFT

Price stickiness is not a mystery, and it is not psychologySteve Waldman

Why Wall Street traders are obsessed with Jesse LivermoreBI

Four percent? – John Cochrane
4% growth – John Cohcrane
Growth Fantasy of Tax Cuts and Small Government – Noah Smith
The other Smith on Growth – John Cochrane
Free-market ideology and the burden of proof – Noah Smith

Earth’s aliensAeon
Alien life forms might be living right under our noses, but how can we find them if we don’t know what we’re looking for?

Your Brain Is On the Brink of ChaosNautilus
Neurological evidence for chaos in the nervous system is growing.

Esko Aho: Ay-liike uskoo saavutettujen etujen varjelemiseenHS
Yhteiskuntasopimuksen kaatuminen taas kerran olisi Ahon mukaan vahingollista

Neuvottelut Kreikan tukiohjelmasta käyntiin – Suomen kannat julkiAlex Stubb

Mistä yhtäkkiä 74 miljardin tukitarve?Roger Wessman