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Monday, July 13

13th July - Greece update

Robert Peston: Could euro survive temporary exit of Greece? – BBC
Eurozone leaders in last-ditch bid to break Greece deadlock – FT
John Dizard: Adding a Greek chapter to Connolly’s rotten heart of Europe – FT
Strange bedfellows in an endgame only Europe could dream up – Scott Sumner
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Debt sustainability puzzles: Implications for Greece –
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Germany doesn’t want to save Greece. It seems to want to humiliate Greece – WaPo
6 key things to understand about Greece’s crisis and what’s next – WaPo
France and Germany split over bid to break Greece deadlock – FT
Greek Bailout Talks Yield Progress but Deal Still Uncertain – WSJ
Eurogroup Officially Threatens Greece With 5 Year Grexit "Time Out" – ZH
Final draft of Eurogroup statement – FT
Hand Over Sovereignty Or Take Five Year Euro "Time Out" – ZH
Ed Conway: The moment the euro became reversible – Medium
Euro zone leaders: Greece must do more to earn rescue – Reuters
Eurozone’s political faultlines on display at Greece showdown – FT

Political will keeps Greece’s stopgap loans — for now – FT
Eurozone leaders reach deal on GreeceFT
Euro zone clinches deal with Greece after all-night haggle – Reuters
ECB to Discuss Greek Bank Aid After Euro-Area Leaders Reach Deal – BB

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