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Thursday, November 10

10th Nov - Second Trump-day, rally held

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Financial forecasts: Trumpening happened – but it didn’t matterNordea
The overall, generally contained, market reaction seen so far after the US election is a surprise to us. Against that background, we generally stick to our financial forecasts from early October, at least until we learn more about President Trump’s intentions. Specifically, we continue to expect a Fed rate hike in December. That said, risks to our baseline forecasts have obviously increased after the Trump win.

Danske DailyDanske Bank

POTUS Trump; CPI in the Nordics * Financial forecasts: only minor changes after Trump win * Volatile morning but calm afternoon for rates * USD reversed initial losses to end the day amongst the winners

Morning MarketsTF
In what might yet prove an art of irrational defiance markets have swung into risk-on mode as they shrug off the surprise of Donald Trump's electoral victory and cling to the hope that the reality of his presidency will not match his campaign rhetoric.

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US Dollar, Equities, and Commodities Firmer as Reflation Trade Takes Hold

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Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB
Markets digest Trump * Fed odds * Oil output * Stocks rally * Commodities surge

Everything Is Soaring As Trump Makes Buying Stuff Great Again


FX UpdateTF
The US dollar has reversed hard back to the upside as the fear trade had no legs and after a weak US bond auction underpinned a wave of US treasury selling that drove US long rates sharply higher.

Markkinat selvisivät hengissä vaalihumusta * Pidämme kiinni lokakuun alun valuutta- ja korkoennusteestamme * Riksbankilta odotettavissa lisäelvytystä joulukuun kokouksessa * USA:n korot sulkivat edellispäivää korkeammalla tasolla

Mitä on populismi?Jukka Hankamäki