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Thursday, November 17

17th Nov - Finnish large-caps A-F



Long-term trend up

Out of the slightly rising range, but within a horizontal range. If gets much lower from here, the longer-term outlook becomes negative.

IF a break above the bear channel, it would suggest a new visit to €28.


Saw-like, seems to be on the high end

On its way lower within the bull channel - attractive around €28-30
A possible test of resistance levels, before turning lower?


No comments

Lower highs, lower lows, could see a marginal new low below €2, just like previously.

As long as it is trending lower within a channel, don't.


Looks bearish. Meaningful support around €20.

Support level broken - bearish.

Notice the attempt to reach the resistance level. Before some sort of strength, don't


The bear is getting close to the size of the previous bears. Begin watching.

Seems to like pivoting around the €18-level.



Descending tops, bearish triangle-like. Price was too happy below the two previous major bottoms, and the rally from the 2016 lows wasn't convincing. OR the range suggests an eventual move to €18-20.

Within the longer-term bear, the 2016 price action is a flag-like structre OR 2016 price action is a double bottom, followed by a shallow rising pattern, and we are close to the bottom.

Still no signs of a bottom. Stay away until the daily chart shows some strength. Maybe downside momentum begins stalling as the previous low is approached?