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Wednesday, November 9

9th Nov - A V-day on Trump's win

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President Trump prompts sharp market reactions * Trump in the lead to win the US election * Trumpening shocking markets * Equities down, bond yields down, commodity prices down, EURUSD up

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Mourning in America?

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President-Elect Trump * Dollar moves * Markets whipsaw * Commodities join the confusion   
Stunned Global Markets Wake Up To President Trump


FX Update TF
The polls were wrong the parallels to Brexit were right and Trump will be the next president of the United States. And just as with Brexit a good portion if not all of the initial reaction may already have been absorbed quickly by the market.

Yhdysvaltain presidentti Donald Trump * Kiinan kauppaluvut jatkavat laskuaan * Republikaanit ovat jo ottaneet tarvittavan enemmistön edustajainhuoneessa * Markkinoilla merkittävää liikehdintää

Elämme vallankumouksellisia aikojaPaavo Väyrynen

Finanssiveteraani haukkuu: ”Jengi lapsellisen väärässä”KL

Vastuu sinne minne se kuuluukinPeter Nyberg