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Tuesday, November 8

8th Nov - US election day

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Noah Smith: The U.S.'s Misplaced Admiration for EuropeView / BB
People in the U.S. have a special fascination with Europe. It seems like many Americans still think of that continent as their parent civilization -- an example to be admired, a model to be emulated.

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Danske DailyDanske Bank

Markets cautiously optimistic on Clinton win * On the data side German and UK production numbers * Rates bounce as equities recover * USD firms ahead of the US election

Morning MarketsTF
Americans vote on Tuesday in the culmination of the most bizarre US presidential election campaign in modern memory. Asian stocks started in rally mode though drifted back later in the session. Wall Street stocks rose on Monday partly on speculation that Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton's chances of winning have improved following a weekend announcement from the FBI saying that she had not committed any crime with her emails.

Euro wrap-upDaiwa

Daily Market Comment Marc Chandler
Consolidation Featured as Market Catches and Holds Breath

Daily Market CommentMacro Man
The long national nightmare: the end of phase one

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Theresa May to outline Brexit plans within weeks * Starmer clarifies Labour will not block Article 50 but Government must reveal negotiating plan * Timmermans: “I really believe that the European project can fail”

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

Global Stocks Higher, US Futures Lower As America Begins Voting


FX UpdateTF
Today we look at various election result scenarios and how the currency market may react to what could prove a more complicated result than a simple Clinton win or Trump win – especially if Clinton wins very narrowly.

Markkinat uskovat Clintonin voittoon * Isossa-Britanniassa asuntojen hinnat ovat ylittäneet Brexitiä edeltäneen tason * Euroalueen syyskuun vähittäismyynti laski 0,2 prosenttia edelliskuusta * Kreikan valtionlainat hyötyivät Kreikan hallituksen uusista nimityksistä

Onneksi Turkki ei ole EU:n jäsenJukka Hankamäki

Keskuspankiltakin vaaditaan tilivelvollisuuttaPeter Nyberg