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Thursday, November 17

17th Nov - Finnish large-caps H-K


Strong bull-trend, in correction now.

Broke down from the steep bull-channel, two support areas highlighted.
Watch for a breakout and trade it.


The same range, with a pivot within.

Watch the resistance. Upside break targets the high end of the above-mentioned range. Otherwise, a visit to the range's bottom should be expected.


Strong bullish trend

Break higher, old resistance now a new support.

Kone Cranes

Close to a long-term resistance area.

No sign yet of turning lower. Maybe a break to new highs is still possible?
Watch the horizontal range - a break higher would break the long-term resistance, while a break lower would reverse the current bullish trend.


Strong long-term bullish trend, correction now similarly sized to the previous ones.
Close to probable bullish channel's bottom.

Watch the current range and trade the breakout.