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Friday, November 18

18th Nov - No news

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Ashoka Mody: Unwinding of the pound carry tradevox
Between the first quarter of 2013 and the end of 2015, London property prices rose rapidly, the exchange rate appreciated, and the current account deficit widened. This column argues that the rise of the pound was in fact a financial bubble, riding on a property price-exchange rate carry trade. This unsustainable bubble was deflated by Brexit.

5 things to watch in France’s conservative primaryPolitico

Matteo Renzi to lose constitutional referendum: polls Politico

Fear of Putin and a Baltic War Intensifies With Trump’s Victory BB
Desperation, anger, and distrust permeate both sides of the Russian frontier.

Editorial: Trump Should Flatter Putin, Not Embrace HimView / BB

Financial Conditions Are Rigged Against Donald Trump BB

Yellen testimony: December rate hike: checkNordea

Yield Forecast UpdateDanske Bank
From reflation to Trumpflation

Asia monthlyNordea
Trumpening happened, what now?

A higher global risk premium and the fall in equilibrium real interest ratesvox

The Rebel Economist Who Blew Up Macroeconomics BB
Paul Romer takes World Bank job after trashing his discipline * Outraged fellow economists accuse him of intellectual arson

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Yellen takes centre stage * US CPI inflation on track to accelerate to 2% by year-end? * Renewed peripheral selling pressure * USD strengthens as a December Fed hike probability close to 100%

Morning Markets TF
The US dollar is on a mighty roll no question about that and its most prominent victim this morning is the European single currency which has has dipped beneath $1.06 for the first time since December last year.

Euro wrap-upDaiwa

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Revaluation of the Dollar Continues

Daily Market CommentMacro Man
Five fun Friday charts

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe
Schäuble suggests UK might have to keep contributing to EU spending until 2030 *
Obama calls for “smooth and transparent” Brexit negotiations * “Europe can die”, French PM warns * Retail sales show highest rate of growth since April 2002 * German Finance Ministry rejects European Commission’s call for more fiscal stimulus in Eurozone

Brussels PlaybookPolitico
Oettigate goes nuclear — Merkel, leader of the free world

Euro In Historic Slide As Dollar Surge, Bond Rout Continues


FX Update TF
Fed chair Janet Yellen failed to throw out any roadblocks for the strong USD trend and the greenback blasted higher across the board with EURUSD below 1.0600 overnight and USDJPY blasting above 110.00.

EURUSD jatkoi laskuaan * Uusien työttömyyskorvaushakemusten määrä USA:ssa laski alimmilleen sitten 70-luvun * Yellen vahvisti markkinoiden odotukset joulukuun koronnostosta * Tänään ääneen pääsevät EKP:n ja Bundesbankin johtajat Draghi ja Weidmann