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Monday, November 14

14th Nov - Breitbart-Bannon-gate

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Europe’s panic roomPolitico
An EU dinner called to discuss Trump ascendancy showcases the Continent’s divisions.

Trump shift puts euro markets back on edge as elections loom Reuters

Euro--the Big PictureMarc Chandler

Italy: Rexit? Why the upcoming referendum matters – Nordea
Italy Targeted by Funds Hunting Next Populist Breakthrough – BB
Italy's Chance to Buck the Brexit-Trump Trend – View / BB
Italy's Renzi suggests he may not stay on if referendum fails – Reuters
Referendum at heart of Italian uncertainties – Pictet
Deutsche sees reform rejection odds at 60% - ZH
Italy's Chance to Buck the Brexit-Trump Trend – View / BB

Junk Bonds Sound Stock-Market Alarm WSJ

In wake of Trump win, focus may drift back to Fed and inflationReuters

Bond Vigilantes to Trump: Be Careful, It Could Get PainfulBB
Plan to ‘Make America Great Again’ leans on public borrowing * Jump in yields echoes pushback President Clinton faced in ’90s

December Still A GoTim Duy
With the economy hovering near full employment, the Fed will want to press forward with a December rate hike. Market odds of 85% are reasonable.

Trump Shakes Up Transition, Begins to Articulate Priorities – BB
Trump Adviser Takes Aim at Conservatives’ Budgetary Restraint – BB
Trump may already have a plan ready to revamp Dodd-Frank – Reuters
The world reacts: “Do nightmares come true?” – The Economist
Editorial: The Trump era – The Economist
Probably between Reaganism and France’s National Front – The Economist
Trump’s victory is more bad news for the European Union – The Economist
Trump shapes White House, hires establishment figure, firebrand – Reuters
Trump Staff Picks Straddle Establishment-Outsider Divide – BB
Trump May Save Banks Billions by Disrupting Global Rules – BB
Election a reaction to the speech taboos enforced by U.S. intellectuals – BB
4,000 Reasons to Think Trump's Power Will Be Restrained – BB
Democrats in Congress Should Try Cooperation – BB

FX: policy shiftsNordea
While little is known about scope of Trumps future policies yet, the direction is known. Markets diverged - but not permanently. Trump is NOT Reagan, and Yellen is NOT Volcker, hence the implications for the USD and rates are different going forward...

Macro Monday: Trump win has markets asking 'now what?'TF
Following the surprise US election result last week markets are now trying to determine what the next US presidency will look like: will there be a big regime shift or not?

OPEC points to even bigger 2017 oil surplus as its output jumps Reuters

Helicopter money: are they doing it anyway, and, if so, so what?Tony Yates

Danske DailyDanske Bank

Market in shakeout ahead of Yellen testimony * Bond yields – relentless rise should pause * USD gained too much, too fast

Morning MarketsTF
The election of Donald Trump shocked markets last week but not in the precise way that many expected. Equities for instance are rallying on hopes of improved growth and spending while bonds are seeing an unprecedented rout.

Euro wrap-upDaiwa

Daily Market CommentMarc Chandler
Dollar Steps Up to Start Week

Daily Market CommentMacro Man
Three traders walk into a rebar....

Daily Press SummaryOpen Europe

Brussels PlaybookPolitico

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your DayBB
Bond rout * Trump’s team * Deals * Markets rise * China data, Japan GDP

Global Bond Bloodbath, Currency Rout Accelerates As Stocks Erase Early Gains


FX UpdateTF
For much of recent history Mondays have been days of consolidation and range trading. Not this week however as recent moves have extended aggressively to start the week after traders have apparently been doing some thinking over the weekend.

Bloomberg’s What’d you miss in markets today?Youtube

Trumpin sulattelu jatkuu * Julkaisimme päivitetyt keskuspankki- ja markkinaennusteet * Fedin puheenjohtaja Janet Yellen on tällä viikolla kuultavana Yhdysvaltain kongressissa * Uskomme korkomarkkinoiden ylireagoineen Trumpin voittoon

Ketkä äänestivät Trumpia Tämä Päivä