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Monday, December 10

10th Dec - US Close

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Roundups and Commentary
Markets – Between The Hedges
The Closer – alphaville / FT

Tomorrow’s Tape: Fed meeting begins – WSJ
Morning Briefing (Asia): Markets Tread Water Ahead of FOMC – BNY Mellon
Europe Italy's Worst 5-Days In 6 Months – ZH
US: AAPL Slides As The Dow Abides – ZH

Debt crisis live – The Telegraph
The Euro Crisis Blog – WSJ
Tracking Europe’s Debt Crisis – NYT
FX Options Analytics – Saxo Bank
European 10yr Yields and Spreads – MTS indices
Economic Calendar – Forexpros

A Pessimistic Note on the EuroPaolo Manasse

Banking union: The German way or no wayeuobserver

Great Graphic: Shifting Trade Patterns will Reduce Target2 ImbalancesMarc to Market

The Sheer Comedy Of Erroneous Economist GDP Forecasts In 13 Simple ChartsZH

Chart of the Day: Italian Bond Yields JumpWSJ

Italian political curveballMacroScope / Reuters

Monti refuses to be Berlusconi’s scapegoatLa Stampa / presseurop
The resignation of Italy's Prime Minister, announced on December 7, has caused some concern in Italy and abroad. But in the face of Silvio Berlusconi's attempt to exploit social unrest, what other path was open to a technocratic government that has made such an effort to rehabilitate the country?

Monti decision to go rattles marketsFT

Next Act in Italian Drama: Exit Monti the Technocrat, Enter Monti the Politician?NYT

‘Puppet Master’ Monti Turns Off the Stage LightsWSJ

Berlusconi’s back, but the Eurozone crisis isn’tWonkblog / WP

Chart Of The Day: Italian Political PollsZH

Goldman's Top Economist And His Big Call For The US EconomyBI

Wonkbook: A critical week for fiscal cliff negotiationsWonkblog / WP

Where things really stand in the fiscal cliff negotiationsWonkblog / WP

Modest Job Growth, Less Take-Home Pay Is Recipe for Depressed ConsumerWSJ

Wobbly Consumers?Tim Duy’s Fed Watch

Consumer Spending WobblesWSJ
Job Worries, 'Fiscal Cliff' Uncertainty Threaten a Key Engine for U.S. Economy

Daily QuickieHistorySquared
Federal Reserve hides risk, not eliminates; bubbles in corporate bonds, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China

Crisis Year 7 - The Japanization Of CreditZH

Stress Indicators: Monetary conditions remain easySaxo Bank

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