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Thursday, December 13

13th Dec - US Open

Banking union's "single supervisor" agreed, but the details are sketchy - the goals of the rest of this week's summitteering were downsized from the earlier eurocrats' plans.

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Crisis in Euroland: Year in ReviewCFR

Carney differs from Bank of England orthodoxyGavyn Davies / FT

'Disappointment' for those expecting ambitious EU summiteuobserver
EU leaders will gather in Brussels Thursday and Friday but as market pressure has waned so too have member states' ambitions.

Exclusive: Spain plans deeper pension reform to meet EU demandsReuters
Spain will soon intensify pension reforms, possibly accelerating an increase in the retirement age and restricting index-linking of pension payouts to meet European Union demands to fix the country's troubled public finances, Spanish officials said.

EU approves budget for 2013, more money for 2012Reuters
EU lawmakers gave final approval on Wednesday for a European Union budget of nearly 133 billion euros ($172 billion) for 2013, removing some uncertainty around the bloc's future funding after talks on spending for 2014-2020 broke down.

Statistics Pocket Book, December 2012ECB (pdf)

Monthly Bulletin, December 2012ECB (pdf)

Banking deal boosts EU leaders in fighting crisisReuters
The EU reached a landmark deal on Thursday to make the ECB the bloc's top banking supervisor, giving EU leaders greater confidence that they are gaining the upper hand over the euro zone's debt crisis.

Europe deepens union with ECB as chief bank watchdogReuters
Europe clinched a deal on Thursday to give the ECB new powers to supervise euro zone banks from 2014, embarking on the first step in a new phase of closer integration to help underpin the euro.

Ministers agree deal on EU banking unioneuobserver
EU ministers have agreed a landmark deal making the ECB into the single supervisor of the European banking sector.

ECB's Chinese wall still full of holes?Open Europe

The sticks and carrots of a banking unionalphaville / FT

Fed to create more volatility? Q&A on the new rate guidanceNordea (pdf)
The Fed’s shift to an outcome-based forward guidance for the funds rate will only strengthen markets’ response to data releases, specifically the employment report. Considering the volatility in the jobs data, this could easily lead to big market swings going forward.

More Of The Same... With "Thresholds"The Capital Spectator

Bernanke Wields New Tools to Reduce Unemployment RateBB

Morning Briefing (EU/US): The Emperor’s clothesBNY Mellon
Implicit criticism of ‘plain vanilla’ inflation targeting appears to be growing

Pääjohtaja Liikanen: Ponnistuksia kilpailukyvyn ja työllisyyden parantamiseksi sekä julkisen talouden vakauttamiseksi lisättäväSuomen Pankki
esityskalvot: PPT, PDF

Euro & talous 5/2012 Talouden näkymätSuomen Pankki

Valtiovarainministeriölle puhtaat paperit eurokriisin hoidostaYLE
Eduskunnalle on toimitettu runsaasti tietoa teknisistä yksityiskohdista, mutta taloudellisten vastuiden kokonaisuuden ja riskien analysointi on jäänyt vähäiseksi.

Eduskunta ei halua EU:lle yhteistä valtiovarainministeriötäYLE
Valiokunnan mielestä Suomen ei pidä tukea kehitystä, joka voisi johtaa velkojen yhteisvastuun lisäämiseen euromaissa

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