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Tuesday, December 4

4th Dec - US Open

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Chart of the week: a deadly embracebruegel
As Europe is advancing its work on the banking union, the increased dependence of banks on their sovereigns in the last year has not received sufficient attention…sovereign debt restructuring is actually becoming less likely and more mutulisation is possible. Even if sovereign debt was unsustainable now, a debt restructuring would have more negative and incalculable consequences on the banking system now than 5 years ago.

Political risk and uncertainty remain Italy's Achilles' heel  Open Europe
An early pre-election overview

Deutsche Bank: A 15%-35% "Hope" Premium Is Now Priced InZH

Spain to get bank bailout next weekeuobserver
Eurozone finance ministers agreed Monday (3 December) that €39.5 billion will be paid to prop up Spain's banks.

Investment Outlook Dec 2012: Strawberry Fields – Forever?PIMCO

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